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    Pure Essence account

    Just a curiosity... Why would one need to log in an account in order to order from the company? In other words couldn't a person simply pay and give a shipping address without an account?
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    Insulin use.

    I didnt find it. I see it every day. An elderly peron can become diabetic in old age. This is true. But life long insulin dependent diabetics often have kidney and neuro problems. Beyond that, animals once starting insulin often only live about three years after becoming insulin dependent. Some...
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    Insulin use.

    People AND animals that are on insulin live considerably shorter lives. Mostly due to kidney failure and other complications. So for that reason, I would not touch it. The risk/benefit ratio is just not good enough to me.
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    Pinning with the flu

    I stop all pinning and keep my calories and supportive supplements running until i start to feel 75% or so better.
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    Relitive strength

    Barbell presses do not agree with my joints so although i did like BP back in my youth, i cant do it anymore for longevity. At 124 i maxed out at 275 but obviously i damaged some joints from that kind of excess.
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    Relitive strength

    All i do is 20+ rep sets. I do not barbell press so I am out of this game but it is definitely a good workout for bringing out a tighter physique with a more vascular look..
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    support belts

    I just drop the weight super low and and rep out goblet squats, front squats, and snatches. The gym rats give me crazy looks but i dont give a damn. Ive been squatting for longer than many of them have been alive so I have to work around old man issues.
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    N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)

    I still need some SAMe and some Norwegian Fish oil to really round out my organ support but NAC is definitely a staple.
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    behavior problems with kids?anyone goin through it or got advice

    We home school and that took control right off the bat. Also I am prior service, Army, so I work on the drill Sgt school of earning every privilege. You have to be hands on. Take away phone, tv, games, and such. Grades come up then they earn their shit. Plus PT every morning with me so that the...
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    N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)

    Ive been using NAC, ALA and Milk thistle for a good while, along with other things. I will always take them because organ health and environmental and lifestyle toxins are always around. It is always a good idea to keep liver and kidneys healthy. Rich Piana's Organ Defender has a great...
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    Mass gainers

    I stay away from anything that says low fat. Drink whole milk. Never buy low fat things since they are watered down chemical filled crap with artificial sugars. I put on some weight using weight gainers. It doesnt matter the brand really. If you can tolerate whey protein you can pick up any. The...
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    Who else here trains a fighting sport; bjj, muay thai, boxing, judo, mma?

    I wonder how many old school Arnis fights have ended badly.
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    Happy veteran's day

    Thank you for recognizing us who served.
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    Who else here trains a fighting sport; bjj, muay thai, boxing, judo, mma?

    Almost forgot...I am an instructor in a couple fma combative systems.
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    Who else here trains a fighting sport; bjj, muay thai, boxing, judo, mma?

    I trained Jkd concepts, May Boran, May Lao, wing chun for many years. Fun stuff.