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    TRT 300mg every other week

    That is a bad roller coaster of test. That will probably increase your estrogen levels in a bad way. 75mg twice a week will be better.
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    Dr. Called.......blood bad.

    Add hour of cardio, tudca, and SamE and bring test down to 400mg a week. How is your estrogen? Diet? Imagine your holding onto a bunch of water. Cardio will help immensely.
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    🚨 FREE GEAR🚨, ⭐️Pinnacle Performance⭐️ Promotion (1SDS)

    Not seeing free gear. Any samples to try. Not asking much considering the prices are steep.
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    Poppin my cherry

    15% and give it a go. 20% is pretty high. Any BP issues. Have you gotten bloods.
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    Pharmalady Decemder Price list

    Always the best deals. Happy Holidays Pharmalady.
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    1 stop domestic shop PM me for a list

    Can I get a list please.
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    Pharmalady Shipping Option

    I had orders land on West coast in 5 days from Pharma lady. Never had any issues with this company. All products were great.
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    pharmalady review

    Totally legit. Good people. Got a reship in 5 days .
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    Crashed test cypionate

    It is common. Have you ever used this company? Any reviews? People see cheap prices and don't even research who they are ordering from.
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    The Sunday Times Discovers Steroids for Sale on Instagram

    Sure 99.9 percent of them are scams. Did they actually buy and receive any? These articles make me laugh.
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    Pharmalady December Specials

    Had 2 or 3 positive experiences. Even did a super fast reship. Just follow directions, be nice and realize we are not the only ones placing orders. Would order again when the time comes.
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    T3-T4 for Fat-Loss/Recovery

    Has any taken T3 or T4 here ? Have read studies that people who were misdiagnosed by DR. And took it for 20yrs had minimal sides and there levels bounced back. Personally had no sides on a 3 month run. Definitely would not take it off cycle unless you want to look like an ultra marathon...
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    Finishing a bottle

    Get another bottle. There will always be a lil left in there but just enough to make ya crazy and start a collection of empty useless bottles that are only worth something to the LEO .
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    Looking for a good clomid source !

    Pharma lady
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    low dose tren

    Always thought about doing this as well at around 100 mg's a week...or every 5 days.... interesting.