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    Sub Q injection possibilities?

    Also my blood work 4 days after pinning .5 of 200mg per ml puts me in the 950 test range.
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    Sub Q injection possibilities?

    I Have been on subq trt for 3 years now. I pull with an 18 or 20 gauge and inject with a 1/2 or 5/8 inch 27 gauge, dr prescribed 25 but I prefer the 27, takes a little longer to push but not much. I inject up to .6ml in a spot on my abdomen, pinch up some skin and pin away. there will be a...
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    First time Cycle

    Talk to your Dr. about the cost, you have the symptoms he has the numbers and knows there low. Mine pushed the gel as well, I told him there is no way I could afford it and I did my research and went back to him and told him, this is what it would cost me for gel vs injections, I sold the fact I...
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    First time Cycle

    Talk to your DR. you obviously should probably be on TRT with a 100+ level. They're probably battling over cost. Tell your doc you feel like shit, you can't afford the androgel and you did a lot of research and would like to try injections and see how that goes, I pay $80.00 a month with no...
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    First time Cycle

    My test numbers were low as well, I went to an endo and of course he put me on trt, I was fine with that, he wanted to put me on the cream too. With the advice here, I talked to my Dr and also because of the cost I was able to have him put me on injections. It was a $500.00 a month for cream to...
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    winstrol and testosterone

    How many Mg's of tren ace are planning on using a week? How many Mg's of test are you planning on using? How often do you need to pin tren ace? how many mg of winny are you planning on using? how often do you plan on taking winny and for how long? What ancillaries do you have on hand? Stats?
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    endocrinologist question

    Probably not and if he is going to blast, he should plan around the blood test (assuming he gets them) to make sure his levels are back to normal before getting them done.
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    My prep with IWGF ,Axio and Peak Performance

    Wow that's Awesome!! Way to stay the course and achieve your goal! Congrats on the rewards of all your hard work!
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    My prep with IWGF ,Axio and Peak Performance

    Damn looking Great, Awesome progress and work! wishing you the best!
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    Pre work out.

    5% nutrition Kill it or 5150 good stuff.
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    Big Steve show prep VICON official log.

    In to follow best of luck on the run.
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    Lgd 4033

    LGD is recommended for 12 weeks taking during your bulk would be best if your looking to gain size.
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    Tren-e / dbol cycle

    Sarms would be a better option for you.. Really is no point in screwing up your hormones if your not going to be doing anything come next year and be one cycle and done.
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    Is my tren bunk?

    It can still be legit, depends a lot on how well it's brewed and also the concentration, and yes any type of suspensions will usually burn quite a bit compared to a longer ester
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    2018 Prep

    Damn! fantastic man.