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    Happy thanksgiving!

    Hope all u guys have a happy thanksgiving. Should be a great day for you guys that are bulking. Not so much for you guys who are cutting. Lol. Have a good one guys.
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    Robo td!

    First time ordering from robo so I thought I’d post up about it. He received money this past Friday. I got my gear in the mail on Wednesday. Obviously speed and service were on point. I’ll definitely be hitting these guys up again, top notch service. Can’t wait to try this shit out. All I’ve...
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    Cyvle critique.

    Pretty sure eq is normally dosed in the 6-800 range. And also the tbol might be better suited for a finisher rather than a kick start in the 50-60mg range for the last 5-6 weeks. I’m currently running it as a finisher in my cycle. I’m 2 weeks in and very pleased so far. Can’t speak on the hgh...
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    Hey everyone! I’m Ben! (New member intro)

    Welcome to the board Ben! Your gonna learn a lot from these guys.
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    Loyalty offer

    This is killer. Good to see that loyalty pays off for some people. Shout out to u guys for taking care of your customers!!
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    New member here just wanted to do an intro

    Welcome to the board brother. Ur in the right place. There’s a wealth of knowledge here. Stick around and you will figure things out. Good luck to ya bro!
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    Breakfast Meal Favorite

    I do a cup of oats with blueberries flax milk almonds and a teaspoon of honey. They are overnight oats. U just throw it all in a container and in the morning it’s ready to go. Also with 4 whole boiled eggs. I can have breakfast done and out the door in about 10 min. Lol
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    Trenbolone cycle

    Man U are way too young and way too inexperienced to be running those types of dosages and compounds imo U have no business messing with any aas especially tren at your age. Not trying to beat ya up but it’s the truth
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    3rd cycle help

    Also u need to wait for esters to clear before u start ur pct.
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    Just won my first BB competition!

    Wow! Way to put in work. Nice transformation bro!
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    Training routine help

    Chest and back in the same day would be a killer for me
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    Research Links

    There is a steroid profile page on this site. Check it out, It explains each one pretty well. What u take and stack together depends on your goals and experience.
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    Beginner needing help

    Bro u shouldn’t be thinking about any performance enhancers at your age. Your natural levels should be through the roof at 18 make the most of it and enjoy it. Eat lots of protein and train your ass off. If u eat enough and train hard you will grow. Enjoy your natty test levels while you can...
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    Starting new cycle of test and winny only

    Really no reason to run test over 500 imo
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    6 week cycle

    If ur wanting to cut fat maybe u should look into sarms. Like gixxer said oral only cycles are no bueno