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    Huge fan of anavar here!!!
  2. hurricane

    Anadrol Hunger?

    Orals are tricky when it comes to your appetite and so often they effect people differently. Biotech is really good quality so you are good to go with them. They have been around for such a long time now!
  3. hurricane

    Ostarine for patellar/quad tendinopathy

    I have always been a big fan of MK2866 and it definitely fits what you are needing here
  4. hurricane

    Sarm cycle 🙏

    I have always deferred to Dylan when it comes to sarms layouts so you should 100 percent follow his advice
  5. hurricane

    getting back into it

    Remember that aromatase inhibitor doses are subjective to each person. Some people are going to be much more prone to having estrogen related problems than others are and you have to judge that accordingly. Bloodwork is your friend
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    Do you need an end cycle PCT if you are not at your genetic peak

    I would recommend that you continue work out as hard as you can whether you are on or off of cycle
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    First Steroid Cycle Advice

    My first cycle recommendations would be only one compound to start, possibly test and a very light oral but it is much wiser to do a single compound. I am not a huge fan of doing orals on their own but it certainly is an option for you, but understand it is more effective to just go with test first
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    Been a minute everyone! Great to be back

    Thank you for the warm welcome brother and great to be here once again!
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    Been a minute everyone! Great to be back

    Hey everyone, I know many of you may not remember but I have was a huge mainstay on the forums for many years as a Admin/Moderator on many forums. I had to step away for family, work, and life in general but now its time for a comeback! Just wanted to thank Dylan for having me back on here and...
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    New Moneygram Policy

    sucks when they start fuxing with drug money lol .
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    Lets go Iowa!!!!!!!

    tuff loss for iowa and another undefeated team goes down
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    Holly holm on roids you decide ?

    hahaha i just might and regret it afterwards
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    go get bloodwork and take it from there.If your test levels are low enough.. trt means you go on for life and never come off. you do test 100-200 mg ew for the rest of your life.
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    Stacking proviron

    i didnt notice much difference at all in vasculairty or harderning but libido was a whole different story.It helped tremendously
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    free upgrade windows 8.1 to windows 10. anyone do this? yay or nah?

    thanks .. looks like i will do the upgrade then.didnt want to dl 10 , if it was crap