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    frog fuel

    not enough pro in em for the cost.....
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    GF moving out

    im a bite ill tempered, let her go man. If she wants out......F that. F her. Make sure you have someone who really wants to be there
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    PCT Questions

    clomid n nolva both have a half life of 3-5 days. dont worry man
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    HGH or another drug?

    well i was a lot like you earlier in my AAS career. I was going to prove all the older vets wrong about GH and being 26. i was going to show them that i could get good gains from it, even at 3-4iu. Sad to say, they were all right. Unless you can afford to make an M5 lease payment every...
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    t3 or t4 experince?

    i dont care if your on 1g of tes and dont go past 100mcg of t3.
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    new here

    what up man
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    Sarms and fertility

    you should be able to have a kid no problem.......exo thats another story. LGD/osta, etc shouldnt be an issue unless you plan to stay on them a long, long time.
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    keep moving around where you pin. delts, quads, gultes and so on. Youtube will have vids of guys pining.
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    I am starts today

    i had to go under the i know what your talking about. Ive been very limited for a very long time. sucks
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    PEDs for females?

    GW, osta & GH.
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    t3 or t4 experince?

    150mcg is a lot. i wouldnt go past 100mcg. even tapering up/down.
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    real hgh

    just check around for whatever lab it is.
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    kill gyno cycle

    they will have solid stuff. Some of those online pharma's are hit or miss. Thats why i listed like 6.... Some have everything but their pricing is $$$. Im confindent in PE, they will come threw with good stane, letro & ralox.
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    t3 or t4 experince?

    T4 is about 25/30% as strong as T3. T4 converts to t3 in the body. no matter how many mg of anabolics you are on, do not take more than 175mcg T4, or 75mcg T3 in a day. I dont care if your on 1g of tes & tren each. dont go past those doses. Also coming off, you need to slowly taper down...
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    1st injectable cycle need some suggestion

    halo/tes/tren/mast - you have no business touching. run sarms/supps. learn what AAS is and what your doing.