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    Test/Deca/EQ For my next cycle?

    Absolutely, I donate blood even on TRT. Every 2-3 months.
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    Test/Deca/EQ For my next cycle?

    Oh I know, I'm following your log. I'm getting interested in HGH too, I might have some questions on how to acquire a kit like the one you have. Until then, keep blasting and merry christmas!
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    Test/Deca/EQ For my next cycle?

    Rick, if it has your endorsement I'm very confident it will be a good one! I can't wait till the doc clears me to train again. Pneumonia sucks.
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    Test/Deca/EQ For my next cycle?

    Will do, probably won't be until early Jan. I'm recovering from pneumonia and then I want a few weeks of working out just get used to it again. and then I'll start blasting.
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    Test/Deca/EQ For my next cycle?

    Thanks Dylan much appreciated! Your advice has not only given me gains, but has kept my health top notch :)
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    Test/Deca/EQ For my next cycle?

    Hey guys, I'm 38yrs old, 5''10 220lbs 15% bodyfat, training for over 15 years now. I'm on TRT at 100mg test per week. I'm a powerlifter and I want to spend the next few months gaining lean mass and improving my work capacity. My past cycles have included: 400mg Test only 12 weeks t-bol 50mg...
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    RickRock's 1-Stop Domestic Shop HGH run with Test/Deca/EQ!

    Looking ridiculous. Great job. I've been studying up on HGH for some time. I'm only a few cycles into using gear, but once I have enough experience I'd love to incorporate HGH into my life. I love the kit that you got, so organized.
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    I use kratom from krabot ever so often. It's nice for pain relief, also helps with cold/flu symptoms.
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    Cbbram shoutout!

    CCBRAM, IWG, all good dudes to do business with.
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    MMA Fighter Randy Couture

    Agreed, always donate blood. I try to do it atleast every 3 months.
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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    Thank you for this. I'm in the same boat as you. I will be reaching out and working with US Domestic these next few months.
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    Cruise on Test and EQ?

    Thank you for the insight gents. I will continue to keep it simple. Sarms during a cruise are great, so maybe I'll re up my stock :)
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    Cruise on Test and EQ?

    Hey all, does anyone have any insight on cruising with low doses of test(150) + eq? As a competitive powerlifter, I've had excellent results with EQ on a blast. During my cruises I just stick to test at 150, my bloodwork has been positive. Stats - 5''10, 225lbs, 13% bf. Blood pressure...
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    RoboMass and Robocyp

    Robo has always had a good reputation. Would one of the reps mind PM'ing me for more info? thx
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    Pharma Lady touchdown and some gear porn baby

    Wow, nice stash!