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    SARM CYCLE Protocol

    Good morning Dylan / all. I have recently been able to source some Clomid for my PCT protocol. I was going to do 25/25/25/25 BUT am only able to source 50mg pills. Would 50mg every other day yield the same results as 25mg daily? Is this a viable option? Cheers guys
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    SARM CYCLE Protocol

    Good afternoon / morning Dylan. Hope you're well? I wanted to pick your brains regarding a SARM stack I plan to run at the start of next year. LGD 4033 Ostarine MK-677 Cardarine Im thinking a 12 week cycle at: LGD 4033 - 10mg per day Ostarine - 25mg per day MK-677 - 25mg per day Cardarine -...
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    SARM Triple Stack PCT Protocol

    Good afternoon Dylan! Hope you're well? I've watched loads of your videos and learnt a lot so really wanted your input and guidance on a couple of questions. I am currently in week 7 of a 12 week Triple Stack SARM Cycle of Ostarine, Andarine S4, Cardarine and also running some MK-677 before...