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    54 year old male introduction:

    Welcome aboard.
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    Training with new tattoos

    I usually wait until the tattoo is completely healed. So about a week to week and a half.
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    New member

    Welcome aboard! There are some really good people here.
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    Robolics....Can you ask for faster service?

    That is amazing. Cant get any better then that.
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    Masterone source needed

    Be active on the forums and you will figure out who to contact. Creating a post saying source needed will probably get you nowhere.
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    Getting off 7 month blast and cruise

    Cant help you much with the PCT question. Other members should have more experience in that area. However, if you are having chest pains I highly recommend getting to the doctor ASAP. Just not something you want to fuck around with.
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    Pec strain?????!

    Doctor for sure dude. Back in my early 20's I had very similar issues. Turned out i had a partially torn rotator cuff. (Baseball injury that i never dealt with.) Not saying that is what it is, but you should definitely get it checked out.
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    First Tren Cycle (I'd love some advice/first hand experiences)

    Agree with Dylan and Joon. You are 25. You have your whole life ahead of you. Alot can change as far as your goals from 25 to say even 28.
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    44's Discounts Made Available to all of YOU!!!

    Damn prices on IA are legit. Thanks for the hook up 44!
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    Introduction and Kaiser Blood Work

    Thank you brother. Appreciate the help. Will keep you guys updated.
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    Gyno or not

    Go to a doctor and see what is going on. Cant make any decision on anything until a doctor gives input.
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    Introduction and Kaiser Blood Work

    Been away for a few months so just thought i would repost my stats prior to asking for some advice. Age:31 Height: 5'5'' Weight: 165 BF: 15-17% Training: 3 day split with a day of rest. Legs, Back & Biceps, Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps, Rest day. Been athlete my whole life. Weightlifting for...
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    Welcome aboard brother.
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    Smoking Weed

    LOL. Not my experience. Weed makes me hungry as FUCK!