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  1. D reviews and special offers

    I was more interested in Steve's opinion about knowing Ret. Steve??
  2. D reviews and special offers

    Do you remember Ret or not?
  3. D reviews and special offers

    These people may be fine....never used them. Dont mistake this Domestic Supply with the original one that has been around for probably a decade. Once again, not bashing, just informing.
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    International Shipping

    Ive known Domestic Supply for many years. He's on here. Know him well enough there has never been a breech of personal info, and as safe as a domestic source as I've seen.
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    US-Domestic Supply

    Ive used some of the products quality gear. One of my favorites is the Magnum Pharma Nadroplex 300. He told me he's out of it now, but I still have a little left over from him that Im using up. Its a great combination of NPP and Deca.
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    Oral cycle protection?

    This right here^^^ His Liver and Organ Defender is very good.
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    DHT vs DHB and prostate

    You have definitely done your due diligence. I wouldn't have said one thing if I'd known that. A lot of people won't do what you have done.
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    DHT vs DHB and prostate

    My question would be, do you have a family history of prostate problems? If you do, are you getting test run to see? Your question seems to sound like a guy with issues but no Dr. screening to check it . Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
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    47 and confused

    Brother it sucks to get old! I'm 51. Started trt at 45. Mine was tanked. It's so important at that age to get full blood work done. Your body, your hormones, even hgh release is dropping. Hgh even plays an important role in over all health. Its really not that bad having to go the trt...
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    Tren alternatives?

    Have any of guys that run primo ever tried Stenbolone? I had run a ton of primo and like it very much. Stenbolone, the best I can describe it, is primo on steroids. Lol. It comes in faster than primo, pretty much same effect, sides are mild. I just ran it for about 10 weeks for the first...
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    Cycle recommendation after bad Tren experience pls

    Yes I tend to agree with that....might want to forget about a mass cycle then, at least my definition of a mass cycle. Stick to the milder drugs like he has run. jmho.
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    Cycle recommendation after bad Tren experience pls

    I realize you stated you have run test/deca, but one of my favorite mass cycles is adding 50mg/day each of dbol and anadrol to it. Those two orals pack a great bulk punch. I've never really considered primo, eq, anavar, winny a bulking drug. Masteron is great with everything in my opinion...
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    Tren alternatives?

    From my experience with trenbolone, I believe the ester comes into play. I have experienced this and so have others ive visited with. Parabolan, tren hex, has a longer half life. I don't experience sides with it like I do with the ace and enanthate ester.
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    Belle The New Kid Cycle Log

    That definitely is not good!! I had no idea...that's a big invasion of one's privacy. Good luck to you!
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    51 yrs old 265 lbs Approx. 12% ft Lifted on and off most of my life. No competition, just lift to get big. Done a lot of cycles and different steroids. Use hgh and done slin.