Was always the smallest kid - 5'3"/105lbs all 3 years of High School. Started lifting @ 19, finally grew to 5'9"@ 21. Found that I had brain tumor (Pituitary Adenoma) and began treatment. Competed (NPC) from 25 (5'9"/173.5 lbs/4%) to 27 (5'9/186/4.5%bf). Brain surgery at age 29, took a break from training until 34. I've been training on & off the last 3 years (just turned 37), this past hiatus was injury related, broke my neck and required acmd surgery. Feb 10th I wrap up physical therapy & can finally resume training. I've experimented with most hormones due to my trt; my pituitary gland functions at about 10%-20% so my regimen is very different from most. I'm not shy about it or sarms. Planning to compete Fall of 2020

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