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    Mk 677 and advice please

    I've been using MK 677 for 19 months straight. My blood glucose spiked to 130 in the first month of use. I monitored my IGF 1 and glucose levels thru blood work and still do and haven't had any issues since that first month. I plan to run MK 677 for 36 months total and reacess.
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    Pharmalady Specials Request

    Received my Pharmalady sarms GW and MK677/ good service and response with Pharmalady and running that with Isarms S4 (ordered before hurricane) I'll be getting bloodwork in three more weeks and if all checks out I'll be ordering a years worth of MK677-- So let's get MK677 on that
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    Elevated Blood Glucose

    I'm also am taking MK677 daily since 11/2/2017 and also show high glucose levels. I do IF and changed up my diet. My macros now 66 F 197 C 272 P. Going to get bloods done again later this month and see if things change.
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    Checking In

    Finished my PCT from my sarms cycle 4 weeks ago. Got the results from my bloods which were drawn Monday. Everything looks to have bounced back nicely. I added an IGF1 test to the female hormone panel because I started MK 677 on November 2. I'll be running MK677 for at least 12 months and get...
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    Checking In

    My pre cycle bloods for estrogen: Estradiol Estradiol 18.9 -------7.6-42.6 pg/mL 01 I'll stay on the Tongkat Ali 7 days a week. Would it be a good idea to also add DAA as I made a nice recovery using that my first sarms cycle? Cheers
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    Checking In

    Hi Dylan, thanks for the quick response. No, I am not running an AI of any kind. I have been taking Tongkat Ali Root Extract 1:200 @600mg 2x a day, 5days on 2 days off and repeat. Been doing the Tongkat Ali from the beginning of the second cycle. Should I be taking a bigger dose? Yes, my pre...
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    Checking In

    Week 7 update. I upped the S4 dosage to 75mg 2x a day and do get the yellow tint every now and again, really not a big deal. Workouts are going good and weights/reps increasing every workout. I feel great. Just received my blood results: Testosterone, Serum Testosterone, Serum 85...
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    Checking In

    Update: 4 weeks completed. Workouts & diet on point. Ive increased my S4 dosage for week 3 and 4 to 60mg twice a day. Starting week 5 I'll increase S4 to 70mg twice a day. No sides from it what so ever. I've not had the pumps I had during my last cycle, but 4 weeks in and strength and endurance...
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    1st Cycle Advice

    You've made good progress. I've not done nor plan to run gear. With that said, why not run a sarms cycle or two and see how your body/test levels respond? Then decide if you want to run a steroid cycle. Its a marathon not a print.
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    Checking In

    Just got my blood work back 4 weeks after PCT of my last Sarms cycle making this my pre cycle bloods for my second cycle. Testosterone, Serum Testosterone, Serum 501------ 348-1197 ng/dL 01 **Please note reference interval change** Luteinizing Hormone(LH), S LH 5.0--------- 1.7-8.6 mIU/mL 01...
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    Newish member/1st time post/sarmsx help

    This happened to my order just 2 weeks ago. Order was "tagged" and needed to do a wire transfer. There were no issues getting product after the wire transfer. Brian @ Sarmsx also got me a $100.00 credit on my next order. My purchase was well over $1K. You should be good to go. Cheers
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    Sarmsx and wire transfer

    Dylan, I used where I bank - 53rd Bank. I guess if it happens again, I'll try Western Union or if you know of someplace else, LMK. Brian from Sarmsx has been responsive to my emails regarding this issue. Today's email from Brian states my product has shipped, and he's looking to see if I can...
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    Sarmsx and wire transfer

    Thanks to all who responded. I went ahead and did a wire transfer from my bank. in my opinion, a wire transfer is not really convenient or cost effective. Added another 90 bucks to the order. I'll update my log when product arrives. Cheers
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    Sarmsx and wire transfer

    Ordered my second run of sarms from Sarmsx, Received the Form_Hold email. Then did not hear anything for a week. PM'd Dylan acct. info (Thanks DG) and finally got an email from Sarmsx. Email states my account has been tagged and now I need to wire transfer the funds. Did this happens to anyone...
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    Life Question -- Why do you guys train?

    I'm older than most on this forum. I'll be 62 in October. Been working out for half my life, just to be fit. When I was younger, it was to keep up with my kids. Now its to stave off old age. I was lucky enough to retire 3 years ago and I'm looking forward to an active life with family and friends.