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    Sus 250 to help prevent "Deca Dick"?

    test is test bro the different esters just give you a shorter or longer half life, you should use caber.
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    Hcg doesnt work for me

    pic of HCG in pill form.
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    Hcg doesnt work for me

    I thought the same thing but I have the prescription in front on me. I will post a pic
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    Hcg doesnt work for me

    I am on TRT and my doctor has me taking 500iu pill of hcg on injection day.
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    TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    I am on TRT at 150mg per week until we do first blood at 5 weeks, then if need be will go to 200mg week. My doctor also has me take 1mg pill of arimidex and 1pill of hcg 500iu on the same day day I inject.
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    Hcg question

    yeah i have been searching the internet and everything says injection.
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    Hcg question

    Does HCG come in pill form? I started TRT and my doctor wants me to take 200mg cyp, 1mg arimidex and 1 hcg pill a week. not sure of the strength on the hcg yet still waiting to get it. He wants me to take the arimidex and hcg on injection day. I usually took my arimidex eod and HCG was...
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    No libido

    WOW been using for 3 yrs and never used an AI or PCT? Do you cycle or stay on year round?
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    AI help.

    trust me, save your money and start when you can afford it all! I wish all this info was available 25 yrs ago when I started experimenting with my body!
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    Ramadan and fasting?

    totally agree Amen!
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    Testosterone questions, please help

    Way to young for steroids!
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    test result need help reading them

    not yet, I'm going to wait 3 more weeks. Ive been taking milk thistle want to see if it helps.
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    test result need help reading them

    I never asked that question bro! jtbull46 did and I replied.
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    test result need help reading them

    hahah, yes I realize that. I was answering a question. "did you inject it or drink it"