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    Long time no speak

    Yea I'm Good if she's not seeing someone worth fighting for well enough said . My Stepson wants to live with me and not her or his Dad and I'm the one who's strict and as he said is the most constant thing in his life that's life consistent egged it and still being adaptive to change as we run...
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    Long time no speak

    Thank cbbram
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    Long time no speak

    Man its been off for about three months wife split out of nowhere really was a shock took the kids. now I have them 50/50 so that's good just swamped. eating is off track stomach was shot from stress so dropped weight but good news I got good definition I guess just Trying to move forward and...
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    Long time no speak

    What's up guys see a lot of the old group still here . Been Mia got my Vahalla shipment last year and well had a lot of life kick my ass . Yes to take time and handle my business so I'm looking to try and post as I can.
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    TRT 45 year old

    My first Spartan race I trained Mon chest and arms . Wen legs. Friday back and shoulders. Tue was a three mile run .Thur was a three mile run. Sat was 8 to 10 mile run. This was the beast run so 8 mile min course it all depends on your goals I wasn't training to put size on, but get in shape and...
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    Steroid cycle help

    Stats Age Weight Bf% But to nandralones together? You probably should rethink your cycle and do some home work
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    Deal with the wifey

    I've done spinning with my wife and had me staggering out of there thinking I was gonna die. It was funny as hell, the instructed saw me and was calling me out faster, stand up sit down, and I wasn't gonna quit wish I would have though hahaha kicked my ass.
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    Other favored injection sites

    I go ventro and quads
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    24 week cycle and pct

    Why pin every three days with test and eq? They are long esters just seems like a lot of extra times being pinned
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    tbol dose

    The first time I ran it is started at 40mg uped it to 50 MG but when I uped it to 60 MG is where I really could see and feel the difference. I used it every week
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    First cycle. What are your thoughts?

    I think you need to give the gym and diet a little more time before jumping in to a cycle especially if you have been out for some time. Second if your going to cycle you need to do some more research especially in aromasin. Your body trys to balance itself so if you add alot of Testosterone...
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    VAHALLA is here

    Might be the only jugs I keep. Hope all is well
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    VAHALLA is here

    Well I'm going to be selfish and enjoy every drop. My only regret is I didn't buy more
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    VAHALLA is here

    No shit was feeling good and kick in the balls after I read NYs post
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    VAHALLA is here

    Damn it now there gone