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    Second Cycle

    Awesome, thanks. How about HGH peptide, whats the recommended for that? Was the info I found the best rec?
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    Second Cycle

    Thanks guys, appreciate it a lot. Bunch of questions: Would I be okay to keep MK2866 (even at just 25/day instead of going up to 50/day) for healing? I have pretty fucked up knees. Do I need to go up slow on S4 again, from 25/25 up to 50/50? Or am I okay to jump in at a higher dosage up...
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    Second Cycle

    Question for you guys, going to start my second sarms cycle here. First cycle was 12 weeks of GW / SR9009 / S4 / LGD / MK2866, felt like I got stronger and slightly leaner - dropped about 5lbs. I'm just curious what would be good for a second cycle - both goal and sarms. My long-term goal is...
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    Sarms control act

    If it's just GW501516 you're worried about it's not in the act. The whole thing sucks though. As for when it'll pass... you can keep an eye on it pretty easily, right here.
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    New guy here

    That's where I struggle the most. Protein after workouts. Dinner is not very consistent. Anything from an omelette with salsa, salad with chicken, steak, ground turkeyburgerswith pesto, rarely homemade pizza. If work had been shitty, that's where I lose my focus - dinnertime. I've been able...
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    New guy here

    Hi guys. New guy here and wanted to introduce myself. I'm 36, 5'8", 203, don't have an exact bodyfat percentage but I'd put myself around 25% (going off the BF% pictures online). I've been training 4 years off and on. Had a few injuries that sidelined me... dislocated knee x2, shoulder...
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    converting syringe units to ml

    If 3/10 mL = 0.3mL = 30 units then 2mL = 200 units