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    Sarms Stack

    Dylan, Thanks for all the great videos. Can you please lay out your best recommended sarms bulking stack along with any pct for the end ? Better to go with MK2866 & S4 & GW Or LGD & S4 & GW ? Should SR9009 be added to the above too ? M1MK for post for 4 weeks or the entire time plus 4 weeks...
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    MK677 & Potassium

    I know eating bananas and drinking coconut water and other foods rich in potassium is good but to get your suggested 4700mg is what I’m trying to figure out. That is an insane amount of potassium !! I also got some potassium tablets but they are only 50mg each. I’d literally have to down the...
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    MK677 & Potassium

    Dylan - what is the best suggested way to get 4700mg of potassium per day ?? with 677