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    Injectable anavar and YK11

    Thanks guys
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    Injectable anavar and YK11

    Does anyone have any experience with anavar or YK11 in the injectable form ? Is it not effective and or less toxic on the kidneys and /or liver ? Wish I could find some studies on this but it’s not really available aside from one or two places so not too much feedback. I’m guessing the the C17...
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    Testosterone Enanthate PIP

    I’ve been either on TRT Or blasting and cruising for years and have pinned so many different kinds of esters of testosterone from so many different sources and up until recently the only issues I have ever had are scar tissue, micro pulmonary embolism which sounds scary but is really no big deal...
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    Proviron side effects and onset of action

    You Thanks guys ….wish I could get some feedback on how long it take to feel the positive effects. It’s so hot it miss with me I.e. sometimes I’m a raging sex fiend when I take 50mg 2 hours later and at other times I’ll double the dose and feel zip. But EVERY time I take it I get tachycardia...
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    Proviron side effects and onset of action

    Thanks guys As to my question about how long before starting to feel the libido boost? Certain number of days or weeks?
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    Proviron side effects and onset of action

    Does anyone else get palpitations or anxiety from proviron ? I have no history of anxiety and only get this after taking this compound . How many days does it take to get the positive mood and libido effect ? if I am running test prop /mast prop at 100/150-200mg and just finishing up primo...
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    I am 18 years old and need advice.

    I agree with everything everyone is saying but I will go a step further and explain why. You are so young and your body is producing so much testosterone naturally that it would be a total waste of money and you would just be damaging your very young body in so many ways that you may never ever...
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    First Time Cardarine (15mg) Cycle Question - 1x or 2x a Day?

    Gotta say you really hit the nail on the head with this one stevesmi. I have first hand knowledge of the fact that just nearly everyone I have ever met outside of this forum that deals in research Chems has priors for the kind of things you DONT want the person in charge of the manufacture of...
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    First Time Cardarine (15mg) Cycle Question - 1x or 2x a Day?

    @hotsports take I get it , you asked a doseing question and felt like you were being lead to buy from one of our sources …. it only because of the horror show we have seem of people coming in using non forum vetted sources. I am being genuine when I say that I know it may be hard to believe...
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    The Rock Dwayne Johnson history

    Hiram Abiff and GW were both on Primo! btw gear is a integral part of a winning campaign strategy! Nobody wants to vote for some metrosexual androgynous looking girly man who can’t even “pick things up and put them down!”
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    The Rock Dwayne Johnson history

    [email protected] thinks “the rock” is not on “the roids”
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    DVT and PE Blood Clots while on TRT

    god bless and God speed your recovery. I’ve nearly died several times in my life and I have to say it’s probably the best things that’s ever happened to me because you don’t really know how to live until you live every day prepared to die. Suddenly little shit becomes much smaller and big shit...
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    EXCLUSIVE: NapsGear AMA Roundtable. Episode 2 - Marijuana Use in Bodybuilding

    I never understood the perceived connection between narcotics and anabolics. The most elite athletes and units in the military use anabolics to maintain their bodies functioning under extreme physical duress and deprivation. This is not even in the same ballpark as lighting up a joint and...
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    Anyone ever get pvcs from orals like anavar?

    I have always had palpitations and skipped beats whenever I take orals ….I have only taken var , primo tabs , dbol , and proviron but none of them ever really agreed with me so I’m happy being a pin cushion instead. @ru damn bro that’s young I’m in my 40s but I only really started taking sarms...