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    ⭐️Pinnacle Performance⭐️ (1SDS) - All About Us 🏆

    Another successful TD. Don?t know if Tazz still has his promo going on but If he does.... take advantage of it. $600+ gets you FREE SHIPPING AND A TEST OF YOUR CHOICE. You?re losing money if you don?t take advantage of this sale.
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    ⭐️1-Stop Domestic Shop⭐️ (Pinnacle Performance) - Customer Reviews

    First timer here! Was looking long and hard for a reliable source and decided to reach out to Tazz. This was my first CIM transaction and I can?t say enough good things about Tazz. Kept in touch through the whole process. If you?re needing anything......REACH OUT TO TAZZ!
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    ⭐️Pinnacle Performance⭐️ (USA DOMESTIC) - Official Thread 🇺🇸

    First time touchdown! After looking long and hard for a reliable source, I decided to reach out to Tazz. I can?t say enough good things about how he made this a smooth transition. This was my first time doing a CIM transaction, was a little skeptical but like I said... Tazz made this easy. For...
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    Test base options

    Stats are 5?11 Age 33 212 lbs @ 14% So just to be clear, a test base isn?t necessary, right. This would be completely up to the user?
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    Test base options

    Lets say you?re running a highly suppressive sarm cycle. Would a test base during cycle be a good idea? If so, what options would be best aside from actual testosterone? Sarms... Rad140, LGD, YK11, MK677, and of course your DGA. Also, if you did decide to go with testosterone as your base...
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    Noob to sarms. Bulking stack question

    Question Dylan, I?m at the tail end of this and extremely happy with the results. Again, thanks for all the advise you give. I want to keep as much size as I can while I?m off. Would you recommend talking mk677 immediately after this cycle? If so, what dose would you recommend?
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    MASS sarm stack

    Awesome. Dylan, I never once thought about throwing in mk and GW in my PCT. Eye opener for sure. As always, THANK YOU for your input. You know where I?ll be getting my sarms. SARMS.FORSALE
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    MASS sarm stack

    I need some input/help. Can anyone share any success stories they?ve had with bulking on sarms? I?m looking for a solid mass stack. Yk11? Rad? Lgd4033? Mk677? Training experience is 7 years. Goal is to put as much size as possible. Current weight is [email protected]% I also understand I would have to...
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    Noob to sarms. Bulking stack question

    Awesome! That?s where I got my sarms from. Btw, they have excellent customer service and response time. Also, thanks for all the content you put out!
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    Noob to sarms. Bulking stack question

    Noob here in need of some assistance. I been reading up on sarms from various sources and the more I read on them the more I get confused. I have the basics down but when it comes to stacks, I see there?s a lot of contradiction. So I?m hoping I can get some help with sarm cycle. Goal is to...
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    Sarms newbie

    Sarms noob here... this is probably one of the dumbest questions out there but I gotta ask. I?m planning on running a stack of rad 140 and LGD 4033. I?ve done my research and know my dosages and have a pct on hand. My question is can i take both rad 140 and LGD 4033 back to back, or do I take...