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    S4 and Vision

    So i started my first sarms cycle about 10 days ago and its been pretty great. Im taking 20 mg ostarine, 10 mg cardarine, and 50 mg of s4. i read all about the possible vision sides of s4 and was pretty curious to see what they were all about because i couldn't really get a straight answer. Well...
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    Sustanon Cycle

    Thanks dylan it was a great video. Your videos are the reason im here in the first place i really enjoy them. Ive heard and read of all that stuff but didnt realize it necessarily applied to people as old as 23 or 24, just because of some people i know who started then and are doing fine now in...
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    Sustanon Cycle

    ok i totally understand.. thanks for the replies
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    Ufc 211...

    can't wait, it's a stacked card. very interested in yair vs edgar to see how yair does with a real high level fighter, especially someone with wrestling and toughness like frankie
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    Sustanon Cycle

    put up a couple photos on my profile. thats at about 185 and over 9 months off all gear. i have pretty decent genetics and i know how to eat and train. ill look into sarms but i am interested in something more and am really looking for feedback on sustanon, arimidex, and the like.
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    Sustanon Cycle

    Ok. I most definitely still am making gains but would like to take things to another level. If i cant get any feedback on how to do this correctly and safely then ill just wait. Not too interested in sarms i know there's some solid research but a couple friends have tried without much success...
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    Sustanon Cycle

    Age - 23 Height - 5'9 Weight - 190 Body fat % DO NOT GUESS - not sure but ive always been super lean. Defintely under 14 % but probably much lower. Years of training - 9 (10 in august) Complete cycle history - august 2015 - 10 weeks of gp test cyp 1/2 gram each week. January 2016 (not sure but i...
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    Sustanon Cycle

    Im obviously new and not sure about etiquette as far as talking about an online source, but I'm thinking i got bad pct. gear was pretty good because i put on about 20 lbs and kept at least 15 after 2 cycles. first cycle was just test cyp, 1/2 gram a week, and second was very similar was some...
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    Sustanon Cycle

    Hey Dylan, I ran a couple cycles over a year ago and have been off of everything for about 14 months. I'm 23 and have been lifting weights since 14. Was gonna run sustanon 270, for 10 weeks at 1/2 gram every week. have arimidex on hand and clomid/nolva for pct at 300mg clomid + 40mg nolva day 1...