testosterone shutdown

  1. B

    LGD 3303 Testosterone Suppression/Shutdown

    Hey Guys, So recently I have had quite the odd effect from what I can tell from running LGD 3303 within safe dosages and I would like some feedback/help from anyone who really sees this. Body type/Age: 22 years old, 165lbs, Male To start it all off I had ran a cycle of LGD 3303 (20mg a day)...
  2. RUCingdsgainz

    Test Cyp I just heard

    My buddy uses test Cyp and claims it's the test your body produces naturally and doesn't shut you down saying you can stay on longer?? Is this true I smell BS. I use Test E and see no reason to change
  3. 9

    ball size VS natural test production

    During a cycle, is the size of ball a good indication of how much testosterone body naturally produce during steroid cycle? For example, my ball strinked a lot since the start of a steroid cycle, so that means my natural test level is low as hell On the other hand, if my ball didn't strink at...
  4. R

    Old Topic New Site (Testosterone Shutdown) Is it permanent even with PCT?

    Are things like Nolva, HCG & Clomid just temporary agents that jack your hormones back up, but when taken off these compounds they plummit back down to a 12 year olds test levels? Say Me being 30 and never touched an anabolic compounds, only protein sequenced peptides (AAs), will my body bounce...
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