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    Test Prop/Tren Ace

    Hey Dylan, I’m a long term follower of your YouTube vids and came here to ask my question since those pieces of sh1t banned you. I’m about to start my on my 5th cycle and I have ordered enough Tren Ace and Test Prop for a 16 week low-mid dose cycle (might not run it that long though if the...
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    First Cycle of steroids

    Hello everyone, I've never done any type of steroids or any pro hormone. I'm currently curious to start my first cycle at 31 yrs of age. In doing some research and speaking to people I know that do steroids. I've been recommended a 10 week cycle of Winstrol and Test prop. I've read orals can...
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    Cycle Questions

    Hey, I'm a male 29, 210 pounds 13% body fat, looking to run a cycle of Test prop, Mast prop, and Tren ace. I have a mix solution that contains 50mg of each per mL. I was planning on taking 1 mL every other day and possibly suppliment with additional 100-150mg of test per week. Should I add the...
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    Prescription test prop source?

    Hey everyone. Talked the doc into changing my script from cyp to prop. He said it would be hard to find a source and he was right! Does anyone here know of a legit online or mail order source for prescription test prop? Thanks in advance!
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    Test Prop 100 Glute Injection (Unbelivable Pain and Swollen Red Injection Site)

    Hi Guys, I need help here please, I have been injecting Test Prop 100 (1ml) every other day for the last week and after every injection the site of pining gets swollen red and the pain is OMG so much pain I can hardly sit or sleep so is that normal? is their any solution for this? how could some...
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    Bcaa during workout on test tren cycle

    Hello i was wondering is there need of bcaa during workout and cardio to prevent muscle loss and increase fat loss i am in a caloric deficit diet at 15% body fat 88kgs 6.2ft its my 3nd cycle Test prop Tren ace Would bcaa increase my glycogen level or help me in fat loss Should i use bcaa or...
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    Not able to loose fat naturally or with steriods

    I am 15% body fat height is 6.2ft weight is 88kgs lifting for 5 yr i take high protein low carb low fat diet but not able to loose fat fast any advice or any sort of help will he appreciated..!!!! I am on test prop 300mg/week Tren ace 300 mg /week Winstrol 50mg for last 6 weeks of my cycle