1. J

    Need help on a bulking cycle!

    Hey guys, Im 21, 5ft6, and 145 lbs, been on 1 lgd cycle that lasted 8 weeks, did proper pct after, and have been off for about 5 months now. Im looking to really add on some serious size, what's the best stack and dosage for me? I am around 11-12% bodyfat right now, and Im looking to add lean...
  2. K

    Problems with liquid SARMS from companies beside SARMSX

    Hey guys, So before finding out about SARMSX, I bought some liquid Osta and S4 from The site is focused on research chems and generally has a pretty good reputation. The problem is - the liquid sarms I bought were very cheap, about half the price of SARMSX products, which concerns me...
  3. TotalPackage

    Rio 2016 Olympics

    Guys, missed you for a while. Just now kind of getting back into the swing of things. The wife and I took a trip to Rio for the 2016 Olympics, we were there for 12 days. Twelve days without kids, just me and her was awesome. We went to two events each day, one in mid morning and one in the...
  4. U


    So I am fairly new to SARMs and have many questions I am hoping you guys can answer! First off : I did one month of SR, GW, and Osta- did not notice any significant differences in performance. Next month, I took a stack of RAD140, SR,and a test booster - strength increased, and I felt pretty...
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