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  1. K

    SR9009 Destroying my heart rate

    Hey guys, So first off, this SR9009 is NOT from SARMSX. I purchased this from ReceptorChem, a popular european reseach chem website. I bought this BEFORE I EVER HEARD OF SARMSX. I never actually used it after hearing of all the stories about SARMS products being faked and so forth on websites...
  2. L

    Need your opinion about heart palpitation on Anavar

    Hi Dylan, I’ve been watching your videos about 4 months now and you got my attention into Sarms. Before I address my question let me tell you a bit about myself : Male 29yrs old 7 years of weightlifting training (been serious about 3.5 years) 165Lbs ~12% body fat. ~135 Lbs Lean muscle mass...