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    Female SR/GW

    Dear Isarm users, My wife, ( Age 31, Height: 166 cm, Weight: 62.7KG ) wants to try GW/SR, her nutrition and her training are on point and she already lost 8 kilo in 3months. I was wondering what kind of results can she expect from this? Will the fat loss even accelerate more? When will she...
  2. D

    Is this stack overkill/not worth it?

    Hi guys I currently have my hands on following substances: Anavar Clenbuterol MK-677 GW-50156 MK-2866 SR-9011 I am already running 25mg of MK-677 with 20mg GW-50156 daily Would adding Anavar, Clenbuterol etc to the stack be overkill/not worth it? Also looking for information from people...
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    Sarms and Metabolic damage from dieting

    Hey everyone i am new to this forum and the site. I have been dieting for around a year and a half and have lost 32 pounds and gained some muscle. I just recently purchased a 12 week sarms cycle of SR9009, GW, and S-4. I am worried that I may have some metabolic damage from dieting so long with...