1. C

    Hair loss

    Hey guys, So please don?t respond to this unless you know your shit in regards to the pharmacology/ and or have a lot of first hand experience. So I?ve been cycling gear for the past 4 years, and just very recently started noticing some hair loss. It?s likely due to my most recent 12 week run...
  2. C

    Product Review/Help

    Hello, has anyone here ever tried the product 2TX, natural testosterone amplifier by Max Muscle? If so how’d you like it? Did it work? Worth the money? And is anyone experienced with any of Blackstone Labs products? Like the different gear they sell? I’ve heard all the reviews are paid...
  3. RUCingdsgainz

    Doctor prescribing Deca, HGH, testerone and MK677?

    Just found a health and wellness center that can prescribe things other then testosterone. I go to a health and wellness doctor who give me test but I did not know I could possibly get anything else. Does anyone have a doctor who has offered anything else? I did not know MK677 was even allowed...
  4. RUCingdsgainz

    Your eyes tell me everything!?

    So somthing I found interesting, I have had several people close to me tell me they can tell when I’m running a cycle not by my physique but but my eyes my wife says the same thing. something about my eyes changes when I’m on gear anyone else have this happen or hear of this? My eyes look like...
  5. B

    Vicon Gear

    Does anyone have experience with Vicon Laboratories? looking to get some but I want to know about quality.
  6. N

    using clomid instead of nolva on cycle

    So my buddy just gave me a bunch of clomid. I was wondering if matter if i used this during my cycle instead of nolvadex?
  7. K

    Custom blends

    Does any source here do custom blends?
  8. R

    Old Topic New Site (Testosterone Shutdown) Is it permanent even with PCT?

    Are things like Nolva, HCG & Clomid just temporary agents that jack your hormones back up, but when taken off these compounds they plummit back down to a 12 year olds test levels? Say Me being 30 and never touched an anabolic compounds, only protein sequenced peptides (AAs), will my body bounce...