deca cycle

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    Dosing 500mg of test C

    I am doing a test Cyp cycle with deca. It's 12 weeks and the dosing is 500mg test c with 300mg deca. 1) Dosing the test c, how would you recommend injecting it? Would you spread the dosages out over the week, say 500 split up on MWF, or all at once in one day? 2) I also know that some inject...
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    Cycle Advice: Test, Deca, Tbol

    2nd cycle here. I'm currently around 10% bf, aiming to shred down to 7%, then bulk. So this cycle is kind of a shred then mini lean bulk. my primary goal is to get silly shredded, but in 2019 I'd like to add a good 10-15lbs of muscle. I've been on TRT for 2 years, and done Deca a few times...
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    Bulk cycle with DECA - TEST - TBOL

    Tbol - 250 test - 300 deca I’m starting my second cycle in about 6-8 weeks. The cycle including PCT with AI’s is going to be like this: Blood work is going to be done before cycle - mid cycle - off cycle -10 weeks of 250mg test E -10 weeks of 300mg’s deca, -6 weeks of Tbol running it as a...
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