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YK 11 with LGD concerns


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I want to run YK 11, and LGD together. I am currently not on TRT and i am aware of how suppressive YK can be in higher dosages. Will LGD prevent my test levels from crashing as hard while being on YK? In other words can I use LGD as an androgen base? Or is this only a compound that should only be ran with Test like S 23? Also should I take Anastrozole weekly to prevent estrogen from skyrocketing?


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you will be just fine... yk11 is NOT that suppressive, not even close to a steroid... s23 on the other hand, definitely is... run a strong test booster with it if you are concerned... n2generate ES will be plenty on cycle if you are worried... why on earth would you take arimidex with something that doesnt convert to estrogen? you are getting bad info brother


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Just a side note that nothing will ever prevent suppression when you are taking steroids or SARMs. Sure, SARMs are mildly suppressive but the idea that you can prevent it by taking something else is just false.