Winter Cycle - Test / Deca / ORGAN ST....winstrol and SARMS?


6 weeks in to a 13 week winter cycle:
Test E - 500mg / wk
Deca - 250mg / wk
Dbol - 40mg (only weeks 1/2, didn't like the water retention)

Blood work due back this week. Been running Organ ST since say one and can confirm what others have said in that I feel great. Will post bloods when I receive.

I am planning to run winny for the last 4-5 weeks. Would like to stack with SARMS in an aim to eliminate sides but also augment the cycle. Thinking MK677, MK-2866 and LGD.
Question, if I have heard correctly MK-2866 should only be run 4 weeks as longer than that will suppress? If that is the case, how would one run it in this scenario and also include in PCT? Maybe it doesn't make a difference in this case as all is suppressed already by the AAS?

Let me know if I answered my own question...

Stay tune for blood work respective to Organ ST.

Peace out brothas


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Exactly, it doesn’t make any difference because you’re already suppressed by the test... so you can run sarms with no problem... I’ve been running MK677 for a few months and it has given me great benefits so far... sarms are definitely a nice addition to any cycle

Good luck with your cycle bro!
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