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Winstrol Cycle Length


Hey guys!

As I’m sure a lot of you have, I’ve had a great history with winstrol. Many successful cycles with it in it.

I’ve always run it orally and 50-60mg’s max for no longer than 6 weeks.

Curious if I switched to injectable would I be able to run it any longer than the standard 6 weeks since it would be easier on my liver?

thank you!


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its still toxic, obviously not as bad but i wouldnt run it any longer than 6 weeks and not to mention, that injection is very painful


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Just stick with the oral. The pain from the injectible isn't worth it and you're not gaining anything over the oral

Fella Finn

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The injectable version can be very painful and become quite problematic for you early on in your cycle. I can understand wanting to go that route, but with the pain that can occur, you will be wishing for the oral form rather quickly.