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Will HCG Raise or lower Prolactin


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Will HCG raise or lower prolactin levels?
What dose do you recommend while you are cruising?

If you are blast and cruising I don't see the need for HCG at all. It's somewhat redundant if you aren't planning on recovering natural test levels

HCG causes estrogen to rise, but I don't believe it impacts prolactin.


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if you feel the need to use hcg when cruising, then you can throw it in every 3 months in increments of 4 weeks but most don't ever find it necessary... i would not use it any more than that.... 1000 ius week... or perhaps 3 times a year... its really up to you as to whether or not you use it... as Rick pointed out, hcg can increase estrogen but has no impact on prolactin