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Why I Love Pharmalady


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Hey what's up everyone, I just wanted to show some appreciation for amazing service and awesome products. I've placed several orders with Pharmalady and it's time to share my experience because it's consistently awesome. For each order I always receive a response within a couple of business days to acknowledge my order has been received. Communication is always consistent throughout the process for each step. Every single order has arrived (USA). There was one shipment which was missing a couple items, and upon communicating this it was resolved immediately. I'm a fan of BioTrope HGH and Platinum Biotech ancillaries and PCT. I've been on biotrope for about a year, 2-3 IU in between cycles, and up to 5-6 IU when on, and can attest to fat loss and retaining gains. I'm still on hgh and just started Platinum Bio oils and dbol for the first time and it's a bit too early for my opinion but there has been zero PIP so far. I haven't tried any Glotropin or generic hgh, I just figure if it's 191AA then why switch... but I'm open to feedback from you guys for sure. Here's a pic for anyone who likes TD porn... lol



Thanks for posting your review and Td pictures. Pharmalady will continue to provide high quality products at reasonable prices