Which is a better AI?


Arimidex all day for me aromasin has never worked good for me killing estrogen in many parts of the body but e2 was never under control .

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Aromasin does take longer to work than Arimidex. So if you're the person that waits for estrogen sides to show up THEN start taking Aromasin it can take another week or two for it to catch up. That's why it's important to start from the beginning of the cycle. In this emergency situation Arimidex would be the better choice because it will work faster. Aromasin should ALWAYS be used in PCT to prevent estrogen rebound even if Arimidex was used during cycle. If you're on TRT it doesn't really matter the choice is up to you but generally Aromasin is better with less sides on lipids.


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Aromasin is superior to arimadex in every way with it being a suicidal inhibitor. It also is lipid friendly, lowers SHBG and can increase free test as well


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I used arimidex during my cycle at 1mg eod and worked. I am really cautious with aromasin because when I used it in PcT it totally crashed my estrogen level and sex drive. I was taking 12.5 mg eod of aromasin.


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it just depends on how estrogen prone you are or not... aromasin is a stronger ai but its too strong for some... its not about what the best ai is, its whats best FOR YOU