when to choose between vitamin b6 vs caber when on tren cycle?


hey guys,

im currently on test e tren a cycle at 350mg / 50mg eod respectively.

im takin about 200mg of vitamin b6 and also have caber in hand (havent used it yet)

according to experts, vitamin b6 is plenty for tren dosage at 50mg eod.

when is the "transition tren dosage" to switch to caber from vitamin b6?

its my first week of tren, and thinkin of bumpin up to 70mg eod next week if theres no sides.

im only having some sleep disturbance at the moment.

I don’t know what works for your brother but for me on Tren I’ve used 300mg of B6 twice a day. There are studies to show it’s legit in controlling prolactin.
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