What's your favorite/least favorite muscle group to exercise?


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i like lunges too but they hit my glutes super hard. and for some reason my glutes have been blowing up so i need to calm down on them..i am white too, no black in me lol. background is austrian/russian. dont know where the glutes came from


Anything Legs. I got knee issues Im working thru. Between bad meniscus' and stress hammies...I walk like a gimp 3 days a week. lol


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i look forward to training legs all week long, but on actual leg day i feel very nervous, because i know the pain i will go threw. I need few excercises to get in, but when i am warmed up, I get my confidence up, and I start really killing them hard from every angle. Besides that i really like training delts. The burn you get from strict form lateral raises is like non other :)
There really isnt any muscle i hate training. I used to hate training chest, but thats because i didnt feel muscle working due to poor form. Pre-exhausting my chest with incline dumbell flyes then finally helped my chest grow and catch up to other body parts. Its my favourite chest movement that did me good :)


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Love working my Biceps. I like to look in the mirror doing preacher curls and seeing every vien in my forearm up to my shoulders bulging out. Least fav would be lower back exercises, just seems to kick my ass everytime.

the force

I guess we know what you DONT like lol... I had a buddy who played hockey and he would do wall sits holding a 45 lb (he said, I never saw this) and that was after a leg workout.. the guy is a crossfit coach these days and is great shape so I go no reason to doubt it.. isometrics is what that is I do believe
Forget that noise. I can't stand those.

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I love training back and HATE training calves. I don't know what it is... I just loathe the entire process.
I used to hate training calves as well.

I usually hit my least favorite exercises the hardest. Now I actually look forward to doing calves.

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