What it's like to be obsessed


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So I'm talking with NY now and were discussing all kinds of shit. There's a passion about the mentality we share we're both cerebral. Both focused and intent upon success. We have goals. This dude is like I'll have been up 22 hours straight... but I'm hitting the gym in the morning. Fucking animal. I'm up and planning on hitting gym in less than 5 hours thinking of exercises to be done, reps, sets, planned meals afterwards etc... lol. Cracks me the fuck up that some might doubt the level of commitment we possess for this. Seriously, there are some of you that doubt the level of sheer obsession that he, or I might have. Me more so than him as obviously I'm the more vociferous of us two. I feed off that shit bro. Doubt me, hell, hate me for all I care... I'll still be in the gym kicking it's ass rep by rep, pound after pound, plate by plate. So tomorrow while we're choking the life outta the gym, ask yourself why your workouts take 45 minutes and your meal prep takes longer than your training sessions. Why do we train so long?? Cause we reside in Valhalla mother fuckers!!!
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Were in a world that uses words like obsessed too describe the driven .Where mediocrity is now being striven for and ambition frowned upon . People going all out too achieve there goals just think there better than everybody else .

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Bottom line is this: If you're content in the gym with what you're doing and everyone in that bitch doesn't think you're fucking insane, a bad ass, their ideal physique, or what they admire on some level (strength/aesthetics/size) then wtf are you doing? You're either working on getting there, or a dad bod waiting to happen.
Bro the constant hunger for better and having high expectations of life. Some people aspire for X amount of dollars per year, while others assume that CFO, CEO and COO should be attained within two years after graduating Harvard. Some know their getting a perfect ACT/SAT score MIT and a 7 figure salary are to be considered among other potentially better offers.
Then you have morons like me... I lift weights. Lol.

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