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Welcome/Introduction Thread


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Hi Guys, new to site. I am 39.9 years old (haha), 6ft tall, 200 lbs. I'm on the road about 60% of the time so working out consistently is tough. I manage about 2-3 days per with hardcore in gym. Looking to to get stronger and leaner. Have been on Test cyp (100mg every 3.5 days) for about 5 years. Cooked my balls due to lack of good info from doctor. Took my health into my own hands, started HCG and anastrazole a couple years back to help my overall sense of well being. Had stems cells done recently and balls returned along with mental reset button (highly recommend this option if you have any internal organ issues=pm me for more info). Now trying Clomid to add more volume to the boys.

Oh, also started HGH about 3 months ago (Saizen 2 months and Nordi Pen 1 month) at 2IUs per day. Lately have bumped it up to 2.5-3.5 IUs ED and feeling damn good. (need cheaper source on this one, as Optimal Health is a rip off and a half at fuckin $40/IU for the pens and $28/IU for Saizen!!!wtf).

Looking forward to learning more, meeting others with useful info and experiences to share.


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Hey guys I’ve been around the forums for a long time. I’ve been bodybuilding for over 25 years. Ive took off 2 years and just now getting back into the gym. I’m the owner of If you have any questions at all feel free to ask. I’ve used about every steroid there is. I’m not a steroid user anymore because of an illness I have.
I’m 44, 6’1, 240ish


Hi Everyone
Happy Holidays

Long time reader, first time posting.

Late 30s
5 10
Approximately 6-7% body fat(4-5% goal for showtime)

Lifting for 20+ years

-Vegan(I get more protein then most non vegans)

best cycle on earth via IWGF
All EU/AXIO unless otherwise stated

Finished last 4 weeks of TRT/bridge and first 8 weeks of cycle with Rad 140 30mg Ed

300mg E4D Primobolan 600-700wk
300mg E4D Test Cyp(pharma from doc) 600-700wk
50mg ED Proviron
.5 mg E3D Adex
2iu Serostim ED
Carderine 20mg pre work out

Masteron Enanthate 500mg-600 week

Have somewhere around half doz to doz cycles under me.

TRT for a few months then blast for a few.

In it for the long run and to stay healthy and to get ready for my first show this time around.

Looking to learn as much as I can here about diet,prep, and various sucessful gear protocols.



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Hi. Male 38 years old 5'5 170 lbs Florida US
I've never down a single cycle, hard gainer since 20. On and off the gym mostly due to joint pain, ex alcoholic. Used to selfmedicate for anxiety up until I found out it was my low testosterone 340 and I got on TRT after researching. Doc prescribed 200 mg test c been on it for 8.months but now brought my ownself down to 160 as experiment to control E2 without AI. I feel good at that dose and it allows me to save soem good pharma test c for when I want to blast. Even though I'm in trt I've never done a single cycle or blast and after years of putting it off, oh I'am now ready for it. Ps I need to know how to post questions I just can't find the option..


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Introducing myself

Hi I'am 38 years old male 5'5 170 lbs Florida US
bene in and off Gym mostly due to joint pain and after I had a back accident. Been an alcoholic selfmedicating for anxiety and now clear of it all since after TRT. Never done a cycle or a blast yet. I'm on 200mg à week test c but brought myself down to 160 to control E2 without AI. I feel good on it. Hard gainer but yet I held off doing steroids which inconcidered at 28. Now I want to live this life style as I'm already 38 and on trt. Ps I need to know how I can post questions. I just don't see the option

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Been lurking here for a few weeks now. Been on all the forums (lurking ) but the honesty and respect I see here feels right. I hope I am right.
Anyways I hope everyone had a great Christmas.
5'8 180lb
Age: young 45
Started hitting the weights at a young age (12) and still do. Been some years where I would just do cardio, hiking with a 35lb to 40lb pack and periods of just body weight exercises. One thing I have realized is the body is meant to work, be it weights or cardio it makes me feel 100 % better than not doing anything.
Have ran a few Dbol, winnny, epi, test, tren, clen and nova for pct at different times. Yeah I know not the smartest. Back in the late 90s all this information wasn't available and being young and dumb we did what was available. If I knew what I know now I would have done things alot differently. I can't change my past but I can make smarter choices moving ahead. It's great to be here and excited to learn more. If I can offer any advice from my experiences, it would be do the propper PCT. The piedpiper may not collect his debt when your in your 20s but you will pay heavily later on.

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AGE: 28
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 170lbs

I've been training on & off for 8 years, never took it seriously. I hit a low point in my life and decided NOW is the time to reinvent myself.

My goal is to be at 185-190lbs with 8-10% BF. I'm here to educate myself, help when I can and make connections.


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Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 185 lbs
Bodyfat: <10% (skinny tall frame)
Diet: Ketogenic (1 year +) with time restricted eating 2000-3000 calories per day. Lost 5 lbs on diet but feel good mentally. Plan to stay on ketogenic diet in the future.
Previous cycles: 2 2 month cycles of 400-500 mg per week Deca-Durabolin in my 20's (long ago) from which I gained about 35 lbs with modest side effects
Supplements: 5 mg creatine, tried lots of other stuff but too long to list here
Training: Off and on 20 years (recently more off than on due to work and injuries)
Medications: 3-4 times a week 12.5 mg Adderall IR or Focalin IR for adult ADHD
Goals: Gain of 5-10 lbs muscle with improvement in back and knee injuries

Near Term plan: Research with MK-677 and RAD-140 with possible TRT in future (none current).
Primary problem: Injuries (herniated disk and knee/elbow ligament inflammation) which prevent effective workouts


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Hey guys/gals! I'm looking to learn more about SARMs and start a recomp cycle soon. I would like stay away from the harder steroids for a while and heard SARMs were a good option.




Body fat %

Years of training
8+ off and on. 4 yrs straight dedicated

Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run)
1st Cycle: Test-e 250mg/week for 4 weeks, then 500mg/week for 4 weeks.

2nd Cycle: Test-e 500mg/week for 12 weeks adding in Dbol @ 50mg/day for 60 days, then Adrol @ 50mg/day for 60 days.

PCT for each cycle
PCT: Clomid and Anastrazole


Supplements (if any)
Whey protein, BCAAs, EAAS, Glutamine, Preworkout

General idea of nutrition (any food allergies???)
TDEE is around 2300cals. No food allergies. Did well on Keto (low carb, never went into ketosis) by going from 230-183 in 3 months, did HIIT cardio 2x/day.

Any other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.)


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Hi guys. New here today.
Looking for assistance with off cycle gyno flare combined with low test (under 200).

38 years old. Been cycling on and off for 15 years. More frequently since I turned 30.

10-12% bf


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Hey everyone
Been reading this forum for a while...finally registered. Stat are below, and in short, looking at Sarms (Rad-140) to boost lean muscle, cut some BF, and increase endurance for sports.

Age: 34

Height: 6'

Weight: 202 lbs

Body fat - 18-19%

Years of training: Have been off and on for over 10 years (2 years off from training to start my own business) but had never taken it too serious unit last year. It's been a solid year and a half of training and eating better. Currently train 5-6 times per week in the gym, with Hockey once per week. moderate level of cardio while I've been building solid muscle.

Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run): Have never done a cycle (but close to trying Sarms)

Goals: get to 14-15% body fat, gain lean muscle and cut some fat

Supplements (if any): Pre-Workout, Creatine, Protein, BCAAs, Mulit Vitamins, Fish Oil

General idea of nutrition (any food allergies???): up until a year ago I didn't focus on nutrition. Its mostly in-check now and concentrating on caloric intake, macros

Any other relevant info (injuries, surgeries you've had, etc.)
- Only issues I seem to get is the slight shoulder joint pain when lifting max/PR's.


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Hello, just registered today and looking to learn. About me:
43 year old male and been on TRT due to non-optimal levels for around 4 years. I am 6’5 and around 255lbs. I workout around 3-4 days a week which consists of mainly compound lifts for 5x5. Would be interested in dropping body fat while maintaining strength - if I had to guess my BF is high teens.

Training history - most of my life since high school/college sports

Cycle history - couple “blasts” since I’ve been on TRT (400 mg per week for 12)


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Hey what’s happening everyone hope all is doing well. I’m Mason and new here, I like it here everyone is upfront and looks out for each other. Anyway I’m 5’8 180lbs and going on 42 in 2 months, my body fat % idk, not much I’d expect 🤷🏻*♂️. I’ve been lifting off and on for about 12 years. I did 5yrs on the inside and that’s when I started lifting and that’s also the times I started messing with prohormones, thing was I didn’t have much information at hand. I started with epistane and when I got released I dibble dabbled with a few more. I’m currently on trt at 150 cyp once a week. Anyway I’ll see you guys around and thanks for having me, oh and send me all your sources please 🤣🤣. I’m kidding I’m kidding. Ok fellas have a good one ✌🏻


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Nice first post....welcome to the enlightened site for all things PED

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Hey guys new here. Just wanted to stop in and introduce my self and tell y’all a little bout me... I’m 32 I started my fitness journey 2 months ago. I am about 5‘11 or 5 ‘11 . 2 months ago I started out out of shape and over weight at 220 pounds. Now today I am 198. So I dropped a few pounds threw strict dieting and playing around with a caloric deficit which I find 1800 cals to be working for the moment. So I’m content with that. So I was able to drop roughly 22 pounds and still gain some shape. I’ll try and post a photo. I didn’t get a before photo because I told myself I wasn’t gonna obsess over this. Then I did .. lol so I should have got a before photo. But anyways . Just here to learn.. I’m intrested in a sarm cycle. But also I’m content just learning for a while.. looking forward to researching here with yall