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Welcome/Introduction Thread

Mike Larry

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Hey I’m kinda new to this thread but I been looking for good gear lol I’m 30 years old I was 152 when I started test ..then added Deca and jump to 200 which kinda gain slow because of the Deca.. I’m not looking for something that going to rip me up I want to bulk! Any advice will be nice I was taking Tren npp and test together but taking the Tren everyday I drink a lot of weight gainer and I eat as much as I can ( when I have the time? I’m in jeffersonville Indiana love some advise on what I’m doing wrong or right


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New to the forum. Ready for to start my first cycle.
13% BF
Training off and on for 4 years. Haven't trained in the last 9 months.
Nutrition and lifting experience is dialed in but, money was an issue keeping me out of the gym. I'm ready to make some serious gains.


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Hows it going, The name is Vince.
I am 20 Years old
I am 150/151 Lbs
Height 5'4
and have a Body Fat of 8%
I am thinking of starting a cycle and been doing research for half a year now. I have properly been weigh lifting for 3 years coming this November. I have been physical my whole life, going to the gym every other day and playing soccer or any other sport regularly. These 3 more recent years is when I've taking this more serious and want to start cycles. I have watched many of Dylan Gemellis videos which was a great help, and looked at articles for info. It would be great help if you guys could give me any other information before I actually start this. My goal is to gain weight and increase to maybe 165, 175 and have my limit be 185 Lbs. I know the effects of steroids but know some are higher than others. I want to try the Lowest dosages of any Anabolic and stay with the lowest type side effect anabolics known.

Thanks Again, any advice would be great.

Ester Colton

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I just want to say hi and let you guys know that I'm happy to be here.
Height: 5'11
Weight: 185
Lifting weights for about 3 years
I'm here to learn more and get bigger. Thank you


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Hi I'm new here I'm about 175 cm and weigh in at 100kg even and been lifting for about 2 years - 36 yo and wanting to get lean and ripped.


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Hey all, new to the forum.
Height: 170cm
Weight: 73kg
BF: 14%
Training for couple of years.

I've been looking into sarms for a while and fell upon this forum few days ago, seems like a helpful bunch of users. I've been considering a steroid cycle for a while but decided to start off with sarms first and see what the results are like, i have my doubts but willing to sacrifice some $$ to give them a go before moving on to steroids.


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Hey guys. Im new to forums. Thought i should do this before asking questions. Im 29 yo with a wife and kids. Currently 202 lbs at 5'9". Im not sure what my body fat is but i stay fairly lean with abs most of the time. Ive been training for 10 years. Ive done many cycles but it really feels like 1 big cycle lol. I currently see a dr for HRT who gives me 400mg of test cyp a week, 40mg anavar a day, anastrozole for estrogen, and hcg that i should be taking but havent been. Luckily my insurance covers all but the hcg which is still cheap.
I dont take all that year round bc i like my organs. I just placed an order with pharmalady and am looking forward to it.



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Just found this thread and I'm here to learn with that said I'm 40 yrs young 5'10 220lbs with about a 19% BMI. My goals are to lower my FAT and gain lean muscle, not looking for a competition body but a body I can be proud of. I know this takes ALOT of hard work and very good nutrition. Thanks for reading


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Hello All
Stats are 35yrs, 5ft10", 180lbs, 12%BF currently / although I have been up to as high as 195 while on cycle.
I have ran several cycles in the past 4 to 5 years.
I am on a quest to find out why I have the most horrible shin pumps while on cycle as it seems nobody has the answer.
I wish you all good and healthy gains.


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new here but been lurking for awhile. learning about sarms.
5'9 48yrs
bf% somewhere between 18 to 20%
diet is good
working out on and off most of my life
bench 265
squat 315
currently on week 12 of trt supervised
1st cycle. have never tried anything other than your typical over the counter supplements and vitamins
1 shot 200mg test cyp with anastrozole infused with the test cyp weekly
2 shots weekly of hcg 50 iu
getting bloods done on thursday to see where im at and go from there.


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G'day, long time browser first time poster.
25yrs old live in Australia
Bf around 16-18%
Training for around 6 years now with a steady diet.
No experience with sarms however have cycled peptides during sporting competitions.
Interested in the sarms world for primarily injury and recovery reasons for now.
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Hey, newbie here.
BF roughly 38%, hence the reason I've found my way here.
New to SARMs and haven't been doing any training in about 15 years. Trying to get lean and healthy.


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New to the forums.

Have trained on an off for years not very seriously. Recently been finding it hard to make any progress in the gym so came here looking to advice on something that could help give me a nudge in the right direction and try and recomp for the next couple of months. 29 Male.

30% BF

Thinking of trying LGD4033 to give me some progress in the gym.



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Hey new guy here.
Belong to some other forums and lurked around here for some time.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 205
Body fat: aprox 15%
Been on trt prescribed by dr for 18 mos.
160mg week split into 2 shots.
Hcg 1000mg week split into 2 shots.
Keep anastrozole on hand in case I start to feel like a beatch.
Goals are to get around the 215-220 mark and cut bf to 10-12%.
Not interested in huge strength gains, the older I get the harder it is on my body.
Looking to blast and cruise on my trt and make some gains.


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New member today, follower for a year.

45yrs. old
10% BF
training on and off for 30 years. Got serious again 2 years ago with diet and training along with TRT /HRT program to fight off "dad-bod" and take control of my health and fitness through proper diet and training. Have a great trainer and hitting the gym 5 days on 2 off. train 1 1/2 hours a day which is 45 min- hour of lifting with 30-45 min cardio. Really enjoying learning from this site.

Thanks for your input.

David Jones

New member
Newbie here.
I’m looking to improve performance and my strength as well as trim a little fat.
Looking more for PED suggestions and stacks
I’m 46 fairly fit , train regularly and have been for a few years. Any help , suggestions are nice. Have run test before. Looking more at stick with sarms.

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Hi I’m relatively new to the forum. Just signed up yesterday but have been lurking for quite some time now. Been training since 2013. I also have a ridiculously high metabolism so if I dont eat enough or workout I kind of start to lose weight.

Wt: 57.4kgs
Ht: 177cm
SPO2: 98%
VisceralFat: 1
BodyFat%: 5.1
MuscleMass: 51.7kgs
FatFreeMass: 54.5kgs
BMR: 1580.25cal

Currently looking to go on a LGD-4033 cycle for about 8 weeks. Still looking for what PCTs to take


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Hey everyone,
New here. Not new to forums, the industry etc though. Over 50 with many years in the biz. Having said, I did however commit the rookie move by asking for sources. As I said in the reply post, I was obviously not thinking because as I said I'm not new to forums, just new here.
Ok, recovering from leg and ankle injuries years ago, while trying to keep gains. Not an easy task, luckily my nutrition is keeping me close. Close isn't there though, that's the reason I'm here. To try and keep up, learn a little, and maybe help someone else in need. Thanks!


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Hello, new member here.

I’m 35, male, 6’1” 240.

I’ve trained for years with a few breaks here and there due to injuries, deployments, etc. I’ve never used steroids, have known only a couple guys who admitted to using gear, but never wanted to ask where they got it. Always seemed rude to put them in that situation. Anyway, I’ve wanted to try a cycle for years, but have NO idea how to find a source and safely get it without getting caught. Would like to use a low dose cycle to see how I respond, just want to add some size and strength, and thinking maybe clen to help cut. I do use an EC stack with yohimbine tossed in occasionally, but something with a little more kick would be great. If you guys would help me figure out a good starting point and source, I’d be in yoour debt. Was thinking trying out a stanozolol and dianabol stack to start, or maybe trying to find that oral turinabol I’ve read a little about. Anyway, please drop a line if you can help!