Welcome/Introduction Thread

Age 40
Height. 5'9
Weight 190
Body fat % 18
Years of training 3
Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run) i have only ran 3 cycles and they
Were ran last year 2 times and then 1 the prior year. I ran Test Cyp, Tren Emost recently and it worked very well for me. It has been over 9 months since last cycle.
I ran the last cycle with tren E.
PCT for each cycle - 1ml of each twice a week.
Goals - get my BMI down and drop about 10 lbs over all.
Supplements (if any)
General idea of nutrition - Vegan
Hey Hey Hey :)

Hey guys!
I have been a member for quite some time but I thought its about time for me to make my first post. I have been involved in martial arts for the past 19 years and weight training has always been a huge part of my training. I am originally from Europe and learned some "secrets" from the big guys there over the years. Thanks to you and all the info you give out I was able to take my game to the next level. I love the dark side but I try to be cautious because of me being constantly tested at competitions. Basically living the life Just wanted to say hi to all and looking forward to sharing and learning more info!
27 years old - I am 6'1 and was as high as 268lbs @ 8-9% bodyfat... currently maintaining in the low 200s, constantly having to cut weight to compete at -198lbs :(
Hey everyone glad to join and get much needed info here I'm 40 been working out for bout 7 years about 13% if always suffering from some kind of strain lol guess when you get to 40 that's what happens

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Hi guys,

introducing myself since i don't expect to get any answers to PMs until i'm a little more well known. I've been lifting 12 years non stop always been natty never even taken a prohormone. 6'3 235lbs 10-12%bf. Pretty solid strength numbers and body composition. Mostly lift for strength but will diet to clean up my physique. I'm 29 and just been put on TRT by the doc. Now that i've been put on TRT i figure i can look into other things..Currently at 100mg of test-c a week and starting to feel better (this is the first few weeks). Once my levels stabilize at my TRT dose i'll be looking to blast in the future. Obviously only going to run test for the first cycle. Got HCG and AI on hand now, but i don't need them yet. I imagine i probably wont need them at all but i'll probably still do 250iu of HCG 2 times a week to keep things nice. Anyways looking to learn more, hopefully grow up to about 245 and drop to 9%bf or around that. Always looking to get my strength numbers up.
Found some great threads on here doing research and decided to join. Been training since I was a teenager. I'm 47 and after a few cycles of Hdrol over the years taking the leap into IM. I stand 6' tall at 195 and 14% BF. My training consists of power lifting, crossfit, surfing, and mountain biking. That Cali lifestyle. I'm about to start first IM cycle of Test E and Masteron. Looking forward to learning more along the way.
Hi everyone

165 lbs
~15% bf
0 cycles
Lifting off and on for 8 years
Taking creatine and a vitamin B complex. For diet I aim for at least 120g protein and 2700-3000 cal/day. I keep my carbs complex but I don't pay attention to fat/carb split (I think protein, cal in/cal out are the only things worth tracking as I'm not looking to be a shredded fitness model)

I work a manual labor job, lift 4-5x a week doing 3-5x5 heavy compound lifts, 3x8-10 assistance work. I also do brazilian jiu jitsu 3x a week.


Bench 190
Deadlift 405
Squat 255
OHP 135

I'm noticing I don't recover as quickly from intense lifting/grappling as I used to and I'm looking to up my recovery and strength progress. Based on my research a good first step would be 250 Test C 2x a week for 10 weeks plus aromasin on hand, 12.5mg a day if I notice gyno. PCT would be aromasin 12.5mg a day and 20mg a day Nolvadex for 6 weeks. Pause BJJ training to focus on lifting for strength gains. Enjoy benefits of extra muscle cell nuclei forever. Any critiques on this plan?
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Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. 30 yrs old, 185 @ 5'7 11 % bf. 3 cycles under my belt and building my 4th program as we speak. Love the forum and all the info! Currently toying with osterine and cardarine. Thanks for the shared knowledge!!
Hey I'm brand new.
Im 23 5'11 190 lbs
I've been lifting on and off since I was 15
Powerlifted competitively for 3 years.
I still lift but I've changed up my focus to be kind of endurance based. The most I really need to run quickly is two miles.
Anyway I've been doing a ton of research on these supplemental, I played with the idea of buying from a few websites but I'm so sketched to just lose money or get a vial of vegetable oil or something. I'm also unsure of what I should be using if I want to maintain stamina but still get strong af. Aesthetics are a plus too
Also this is the first forum of this sort I've joined. Hopefully this is where it all begins
Hi All!

The name's Jay and I have been working out for about 2.5 years now. My body has made some nice gains, but I want to reach my potential faster through SARMS.

31 yrs
11% bf

Just want to say thank you in advance for all the info and I cannot wait to dig in!
Hi guys, just joined up so thought id introduce myself.
33 male, 5'11, 190lbs , about 15% bf.
Been working out most of the past 15 years with different bouts of lifting being my main goal in life.
Got into kickboxing, then BJJ and MMA so I gradually stopped trying to 'gain', and used the gym as a strength and cond tool.
Well a few surgeries later, and me not being 21 anymore, I have came away from martial arts mostly but have gradually been hitting the weights more and more the past couple years.
Ive been gaining strength and weight gradually, coming from roughly 170lb up to now 190lbs with my training and diet taken seriously . Im really force feeding myself , but its not a problem to me. I know you got to do what it takes if you want results.
Just going to have a read around now and see what this place is about. Cheers!
Body fat %14-16
Years of training-15
I have done 4 cycles of 300 test cyp week with arimidex eod.
PCT has been clomid
My goals are to just keep the muscle I have worked hard to attain over the years, also wanting to look and feel better without having to resort to other medication due to declining test levels as I age. It has been very difficult to find any medical assistance for trt where I now live due to lack of English speaking doctors(Germany) and I’m essentially just loooking to get back on my cycle of Test cup for the benefits I am used to.
I lift 5 days a week of mostly heavy compounds and I run 15-30 km a week with two days of Muay Thai training.
I supplement daily with creatine and bcaa and also use a pre workout for lifting days.
Diet is pretty on point, mostly clean eating with very little alcohol or junk food, mostly a high protein, med fat and lower carb type meals.
Have had issues with back pain most of my life and have worked hard to strengthen the area, it’s taken me well over 6 years since accident to get back up to a 200kg deadlift without being terrified of it causing issues.

This site is great, lots of excellent info for new and seasoned user and I look forward to learning everything I can about the best options available and learning how and where to source out safe supply in a new country where it seems pretty difficult to find reliable sources.

Hi, I’m Jarrod. 38 love to run, I lift but I should have more of a regiment. I just do whatever Il pretty happy with my build although never satisfied. I’m just getting into peptides. Amazing I love them. I’m gay married. I live in New York I have a city apartment but i mostly Airbnb it and live upstate with my two dogs and occasionally my husband when he’s not working abroad . I travel a lot.
Hi, my name is Matthew and I have been training for more than 5 years now. I came on this website by searching around on the internet and I registered because the members here seems to have good informations and knowledge.

21 yrs old
Hi, I'm 28 years old, live in Europe. I joined the site because it is informative, have helpful members and good attitude.

age: 28
height: 5'-3"
weight: 150 lbs
aproxx. <8% body fat
My best shape was 165 lbs / 5%BF.

I have a quite few medical conditions, Celaiac Disease, multiple food intolerances, MCAS, IHH, shut down HPTA axis due to these, have a few cns problems too...
I have been training for more than 4 years now (on and off). I feel better, and have a relatively good mood on training days.
I'm on HRT which consist of 250IU HCG E2D, and a very low dose about 0.1mg anastrozole to control E2, that keeps my lab ranges T=700-1000ng/dl , and E2=80-100pmol/l . I 'm lean, have good metabolism, and hold a quite amount of muscle mass naturally for my height, no need to cut. I have a very strict diet, mainly meat, potatoes and veggies.
My goal is to improve my health and reach my maximum potential.
Hello iSARMS Forum,

My name is Charles and below are my stats and all other relevant information. Additionally, I've been hanging around the forum for a while now learning and just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. Also, I appreciate all the information shared by the community and look forward to learning more about fitness and health.


Complete Stats:
Age: 41
Height: 5'7"
Current Weight: 159 lbs.
Current body fat% Unsure

Years of training: 4 yrs.

Complete cycle history:

My goal weight is 150 lbs, and then I'd like to add 7-10 lbs. of muscle back on for a good foundation.

Supplements: Multi-Vitamins

Currently, I've been on the keto diet and lost 27 lbs. since March.
Hello all,

Ive been lurking for a while but decided to join tonight. Im currently on a severe weight loss journey but hoping to introduce some SARMS down the road when I drop a few more pounds. Stats below:

Age : 33 (Ill be 34 at the end of the month)
Height : 6'0"
Current Weight : 245 lbs
Current BF% : 32-34% (guessing based on electronic analysis. Navy method of using a measuring tape says 30% but Im not sure I believe it)

Years of training : On and off (mostly off) since high school. Just started lifting serious again 8 weeks ago, 3 days a week.

Cycle History : None

Goals : I would like to get down to 200lbs and get jacked (dont we all?). Ive lost a lost of muscle through this weight loss journey over the past year; of which I have gained some considerable mass in the past 8 weeks of training again, but still a long ways to go.

Supplements : MuscleTech Neurocore Pre-Workout on workout days, Dymatize Whey Protein shakes (once daily) and 5g Creatine (daily)

Nutrition : I currently eat Keto at roughly a 2000-2100 a day calorie goal consisting of the following macro break down : 30 grams of net Carbs (or less), 125-135 grams of Fat, 180-190 grams of Protein. Ive dropped from 335 pounds in September of 2017 to a current weight of 245. My lightest was 227 8 weeks ago before starting to lift again. Im now back up to 245 after upping my carb intake closer to 75-100 a day and have gained some muscle mass but also have gained some more fat (and definitely bloat around the mid section) So Im going to be dropping the carbs back down to below 30 until I lose the rest of this body fat.

A typical day of eating looks like the following: (i only eat two meals a day and wont change that until I get closer to my initial goal weight) I work third shift so the meal times may be different than you guys.

Breakfast around 9am which consists of the following:

Protein Shake
4 large eggs
6 pieces of bacon

Dinner usually around 5:30-6:00 PM which consists of the following:
2 eggs
8 ounces of burger
3/4 cup full fat cottage cheese
20 medium spears of asparagus wrapped in bacon (usually 4 or 5 pieces of bacon)
8-10 large brussel sprouts
1 medium avacado

I eat pretty much the exact same stuff every single day. I will make an occasional cauliflower crust pizza for dinner once every week or two. But otherwise its pretty straight forward.

Ill usually have two cups of coffee while at work with some sugar free creamer and stevia. I eat pretty clean and thats been the key to my successful weight loss. My body DOES NOT like carbs.

Ill post some pictures once I get down a bit leaner. I still have a ton of stomach fat both in front and around my mid section, quite a bit of back/arm fat and a lot of chest fat (so Im just stupid fat)
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Hey everyone I’m new to the forum. I’m 19 years old been lifting since I was 14 I’m 6’1 205lbs roughly 14% bf. I love lifting weights and have ran sarm cycles before. My goal In lifting right now is to get as big and strong as I can. Also I want to become a personal Trainer. I’m about to start a lgd-4033 cycle in a few days so that’s about it. Oh and also the reason I joined this forum is because I’m a fan of Dylan’s and I want to gain as much knowledge as I can
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