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Hello everyone! New to the forum, new to the lifestyle, but not new to lifting. I'm a complete noob when it comes to SARMS and Anabolics, so I'll probably be asking lots of questions and saying "thanks" a lot!

Im 5'11" 230lbs. I'm currently using Rad140, Clenbuterol, GW (pre workout), Test E (300mg/week). About to start Anavar tomorrow. I have a bunch of questions, so I'll save that for the other threads.
new guy to board look for some good information and options from others. thanks for having me.
Hey y'all. I found this through Dylan's awesome youtube clips which I have watched trying to get my head around sarms. I've recently turned 40 and have been back in the gym for a year after being right into health and physical fitness as an athlete before becoming too busy with family and work. Loving being back in the gym.

Really appreciate the information on here.
What's up guys.
Starting watching Dylan's videos a while ago and just recently got active on the forum.
It's very refreshing to have a non toxic place to talks gear and peds.

Not new to gear, I've been running cycles for years

Favorite stack
Test Prop.

Least favorite (That I've tried)

Test E
(Yeah, I know... I'm an idiot... blew up like a fucking balloon)

Looking to learn more about SARMs so I can add them into my stacks.

The effect of SARMs is really intriguing for PCT and keeping our hard earned gains.

I'll be adding Ostarine to my next PCT and Cardarine to my next cycle.

Thanks to all the mods and vets here... looking forward to learning more.


I'm 26 years old

I've run a couple of cycles of test and one test/npp. Not interested in gear anymore but I've been reading about sarms for years and my brother uses sarms so I decided to join. Definitely like LGD and Ostarine. Glad I found this site.
Just staring Sust.....35 years in the gym and on a bike...and actual bike

6'2" 190. 55 years old apron 17%BF...It's just time to do this. I've sort of hit a wall in terms of my strength, etc. I just tried about 5 weeks of winny 60-80 mg. orals per day. I got a little leaner and a little better bike stamina and acceleration. That was over about a week ago...Should I do PCT after that?
I just want to stick my toe in the water in terms of "building" a little mass and strength...which is why I'm planning on Sust 250 per week for 10 weeks...unless everyone on here screams, "NO!" What should I do now., during and after?


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New guy here....just joined

Found out about this forum from Dylan’s YouTube channel. I like how honest and informative he is with regards to doses and usages. Whenever I get a new cycle written for me, I always check to see what he has to say about compounds that I haven’t used before. I’ve read through a few other web forums before but holy shit are there some serious douche bags out there ready to jump down your throat when you ask a question and get a sarcastic, smart-ass response that never answers your question.

Anyways, I’m 41 years young, 6’-1”, athletic and walk around anywhere between 185-190 lbs when I’m not cycling. I feel like a machine mentally when I’m on a the feeling. I haven’t done a ton of cycles but enough that I’m not new to the game. With that being said, I’m nowhere near as big as I would like to be. I eat clean 100% through the week and cheat a LITTLE on Saturday. I like to keep my body fat below 10%.

Looking forward to picking brains and hopefully getting some intelligent answers!

Thanks for the look I appreciate it!
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Hello everyone. I'm a dink to sarms (dire individual in need of knowledge) new to sarms. Not new to the world of weight training. Started weight training around 1973 to the first training programs offered by weider. 7 volumes as I remember. Just looking for that new age edge for personal best. Great site, looking forward to grow.
Hey guys I’m new to this I’m 33 years old 5 9 have dome numerous cycles in the past I recently have not took anything in a while I just got my blood work done for the first time ( yes I know I’m an idiot ) and before I hop on my next cycle I wanted to see if some one can help with my results and how to post them on here ? Would I have to write them all out ? Is there a way I can post the picture can anyone email me ? My concern is prolactin , it’s really high at 29 and my Free test is at 7.7 , I really need some help guys thanks
TRT/Royal Medical vs Live like a viking
Hello I'm new to the forums and looking for some information on these two companies. I am 40 y.o. male that just completed his first month on TRT from Royal medical 200mg test cypionate and 40 units hcg. Recently after viewing live like a viking website I am considering switching. Can anyone offer any insight into either of these companies? I am also questioning why Royal doesn't offer a A.I. option like Viking? I am not going to have anymore kids hence why the A.I? I don't mind my ball's disappearing but I do question not having a A.I on hand. Trying not to babble but i know people are going to have questions. So here are my first questions/scenarios IF IF I switch to Viking and ditch the Hcg, switch to a A.I. at Vikings prescribed dose 200mg test cyp and 1/2 mg of A.I. do I need to start to lower my weekly dose of Hcg until I switch or just stop completely?
2nd scenario: how long do I need to run TRT dose before I start SARMs or Masterone cycle?
3rd scenario when I start Masterone cycle I want to stay on my TRT dose of 200mg run Mast at 400mg biweekly plus 1/2 mg of Anastrozole EOD for 14 weeks?
3rd part B: after 14 weeks do I stop Masterone completely and continue to run test at 200 plus anastrozole or lower Masterone from say 400 to 100 over last 4 weeks of cycle?
12-15% bf guessing
Goals: stay below 210lbs while gaining lean mass. Stay beach body ready at all times.
Hello to all...

I'm new to the forums and glad to be part of a solid platform about the safe use of steroids and good information.
I'm 33 years old training for around 4 years 13% bf 5ft10 and weigh 171lbs. I'm on hear looking for good Information about steroids and very soon I will be starting my first sarms cycle and evenchally steroids. Looking forward to what the forums will bring.
Can u take injectable orally

Can u take an injectable orally or is that a big no no just wondering maybe be stupid question but I'd rather be Safe than sorry
Hey, new to the site but not to the lifestyle. I’m 46 and living on TRT thanks to damage done with excessive steroid use early in life. New interests include cycling and racing, eating real foods and being healthy and other lifestyle changes. I hope I can help steer younger guys away from the damage I did and maybe make some helpful contributions to the site.


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Hello, everyone!

I've been checking this forum out periodically for the past couple years...just lurking in the shadows. I decided it was time to make an account. I've been lifting since high school days, but this last year, but I fell off the nutrition wagon in college...or more like discovered cheap beer. That set me back, and I decided it was time to get my old life back. I've got the lifting down, but I experiment with diet. The last year or so, I've been doing IF, based on some info I found on here from RickRock. Last November, I found an interest in kickboxing. 30 might be a little old to start a hobby like kickboxing, but my hips are still all natural. Haha.

My most recent stats from the gym's InBody scan are as follows:
30 years old
15% BF (i'd like this to be under 12% or lower)
94lb SME (aiming for 100+lb)

I appreciate the effort of you all on here answering question after question and educating the rest of us! I look forward to interacting with you, more than just lurking on the search bar. Best wishes to all of you with your fitness goals!
Oops. Sorry, Christmas...I guess I had a brain fart last night. It was supposed to be SMM Skeletal Muscle Mass. I know those machines have a margin of error, but it's a baseline to work off of anyway.
Can u take an injectable orally or is that a big no no just wondering maybe be stupid question but I'd rather be Safe than sorry

Wrong section for this post, however to answer your question, someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the only two injectables you can use orally are dbol and winstrol. Either cowboy up and use the needle or look elsewhere like SARMS for lean mass gains.
Oops. Sorry, Christmas...I guess I had a brain fart last night. It was supposed to be SMM Skeletal Muscle Mass. I know those machines have a margin of error, but it's a baseline to work off of anyway.

That’s a good goal. I find it pretty amusing to watch the trainers expression as the value keeps going up. Lifetime fitness, right?
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