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Valhalla Return Date


Looking forward to it ! I've had nothing but great experience with the NY's. He's sharp as a tack and his gear is on fire, she is awesome and always right on time and gracious.
I enjoy being part of the Valhalla War-Force.
It flows through these veins as I type this.


12 June, 2017 will mark the return of open availability of Valhalla to screened and approved customers. However be advised there will be additional steps necessary that will need to be taken prior to the gates of Valhalla being accessible to you. These additional actions will help to enhance security for customer and source alike. Further details to be provided via surespot and secure email on 10 June, 2017 so the vetting process can move forward. Thank you for your loyalty and patience.

The 44

I got my surespot identity...what do I do now?


Hell yea, I've been away from the board for a few months but definitely good to hear. That Tren A is tha businesssss


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Regarding pwos..I do have bases but I REALLY am trying avoid using guac for anything.. That said as badass as Raven was I can't have half the city block smelling guac. Becomes a major problem.

So.. When I get some free time ( hard to come by) I'm going mess with some certain carriers and Mg's and see what I can do. Both safer and still effective

Believe in the unbelievable.

lol I never thought what the brewer's house or neighborhood for that matter would smell like after brewing with guac. I bet it's pretty potent and maybe even lingers in the house for quite a while after haha.