US domestic-only source

I sent you a PM but you guys are getting lazy. Find out who the reps are for the source you want and message them.
Yeah man I hear you. If they wont even go through the minute it takes to send a PM, it's not worth my time either. I like to help people get good gear, but come on. The least you can do is PM and ask for one.
Domestic Products by P.S.L.

Click each banner below for some top-shelf products that have been dominating the market abroad and domestically.

Euro-Pharmacies is available through International and domestic.. However, Pivotal Labs Inc is exclusively domestic and they offer high dosed orals that are superior in quality.


I’ve used a bunch of different sources over the years and Samson Domestic is by far the best. The product always comes very fast and is always a great product. They are my go to 100%
We have just about everything you could need. All domestic. Generic and pharmaceutical gh. Hcg. DNP. Cialis/Viagra blends. Insulin. Oils. Ancillaries. Our domestic list is massive. Hit cbbram up for a list.
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