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Good afternoon Dylan. First I’d like to say thank you for all the knowledge you drop on YouTube you seem like a good hearted person that actually really cares about people’s health. I have been on a tren ace and test cycle for 4 weeks so far. Running 250mg tren ace and 250mg test cyp a week. I’m pinning Monday thru Friday .2 test and .5 tren which equals to the amount 250/250. I’m taking proviron twice a day 25mg tabs. I am taking cabergoline .5 Monday Wednesday and Friday. And was taking arimidex .5 eod but now I have added Letrozole instead because I think I’m having early gyno symptoms. It started early week 3 my nipples have been getting real sensitive just from my shirt which never happens and get puffy at different times of the day. I feel extra fat on them too and has really been affecting me mentally as I know it would to every man specially since I’m on a cut and eating clean. My question to you is how long until Letrozole starts working ? It’s been a week I have been taking one everyday but going to taper off to twice a week after it stops but it hasn’t. What did I do wrong with my cycle I feel like I have moderate doses and have the prolactin and estrogen ancillaries I needed. Should I drop the tren and continue with the test to see if the tren is causing this? My nipples are not lactating just sensitive and feel like a ten year old chubby boys breast. I’ve always had a pretty solid chest but now as much as I flex I can pinch fat. Should I just stop my cycle all together? Please help I don’t want this to turn into full on gyno to where I need surgery. Thank you Dylan in advanced. And btw no it’s not my first cycle I have ran about five cycles that have been test only have ran deca and test cycles and test and tool. Have a great rest of your day.
do you have bloodwork? you should not be starting letro whatsoever... you are running very low doses as it is... i would actually be more concerned about the quality of arimidex you have because on only 250 mg of test you should not be having issues OR your caber but even then, on only 250 mg of tren, you shouldnt be having issues.. i would get aromasin and from a different source... there is no need whatsoever for letro here and using letro could crush your estrogen... do you have bloodwork confirming you have a problem?
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