Upset Stomach from Deca?


What’s up Guys and Gals
I got a question for you.

In week 5 of my current cycle and my stomach is starting to feel upset and I have no appetite really.
Nothing major but just a change and I felt I should post something now rather then tomorrow when I could be more sick possibly.

The First 4 weeks have been great. Results wise and strength wise it’s been one of my best cycles so far. I can feel the Deca really starting to kick in. I am really dialed into my diet and hitting the gym, getting good recovery in as well. I am assuming this stomach pain is from the Deca, Has anyone else ever experienced this with Deca?

41 years old
5’10, 198lbs, BF 10%.

I have done my fair share of cycles in the past and they have all been great. I have even run Tren on a couple cycles and i didn’t have any stomach problems. I have run Deca a couple times before in my early 30,s and everything seemed good.
I get my blood work done pre, mid and post cycle.

My current cycle ,
DBol 50mg weeks 1-4
Test E 500mg weeks 1-14
Deca 500mg weeks 1-14

aromasin 12.5 EOD also adjust accordingly
ORGAN ST weeks 1-4
Back To TRT
I have Prami on hand if I need it. I never needed it with Tren but always had it on hand.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions [emoji3][emoji106]


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It's not impossible that it's the deca doing it, but it's more likely the dbol tore it up. Are you so taking proviron?


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I've had stomach issues on cycle more than once. I've always recovered and stayed on course.


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i havent personally but i have seen others have issues, mainly with tren and/or orals though... 50 mg of dbol per day was way too much and didnt do you any favors