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Updated Cycle Pic...


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So we are about six weeks in so i figured it was time for a cycle update pic... i should have posted a pre cycle pic but you saw my starting stats... my weight has gone up and my body fat has gone down, so this is definitely where i wanted to be... right now im at 190-191 depending upon the day... body fat is 7.5% now as well...

my strength has just continuously gone up throughout at a nice constant rate but nothing too drastic, which i much prefer because every time i run a cycle with a drastic increase, i am injured more than half the time so this is exactly what i was wanting.. i love this because i am running such a light cycle and getting exactly what i want without worrying about the constant side effects... everything is nice and smooth and i want to make sure to keep it that way...



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Glad to see you're enjoying your cycle. Looking forward to to seeing your results. Looking good so far.