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Nandrolone is a very useful steroid but unfortunately it is used improperly, today we are going to explore its use a little bit.

👨🏼*🔬Positive effects

❕It does not aromatize since it lacks a methyl group on the C-19 carbon 🧬, therefore we do not have to worry about estrogenic side effects.

❕Increases collagen synthesis through mineralocorticoid and progesterone receptors, improves the joints and bone 🦴 density.

❕It causes a fullness look 🦾 and an increase in the thickness of the skin, the first due to the intracellular retention of ions and an increase in muscle glycogen, the second is due to the synthesis of collagen.

❕Reduces the sensation of pain 🩹.


❕When reduced to DHN, it displaces DHT from the androgenic receptors causing the famous Deca-Dick 🍆 (in very high doses it can also affect the dilation of the cavernous vessels of the penis), for this reason it can also cause depression and decreased libido, using a DHT derivative would be enough to solve this side effect 👌🏻.

❕It increases erythropoiesis 🩸.

❕Its metabolites are in the blood for months making the PCT recovery very difficult 👎🏻.


❕Deca: This is the long ester version of Nandrolone.

❕NPP: it is the short ester version of Nandrolone, I recommend it because if there are side effects it is easier to stop the cycle 👌🏻.


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