Umbrella Labs Sarms TD!


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Hey everyone, just got some Umbrella Labs sarms in. First off the packaging and labeling are absolutely top notch! Everything is so professionally done its no joke they have put time and effort into both the product and the packaging. I will be running an 8 week log of 2 of their products. I will be running the LGD3303 and ACP105.

Never run these before but have heard great things about both so excited to try them out! I will be starting my log in about a week or 2 as I am just waiting to get my bloodwork run but then will start right in as soon as its complete and will start a separate thread for the log.

Again super excited to try these out and glad to have them on the forum!




these are absolutely beautiful... thank you so much for posting... i am really looking forward to your results! Keep us updated on everything!
Nice brother! Can't wait to hear how you like them. You have always given really great reviews and detail on your SARMs runs. I would consider you an expert on the forums when it comes to SARMs.
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