Umbrella Labs Sarms and Peptides Loggers Needed!!


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Umbrella Labs Sarms and Peptides is looking for QUALITY loggers to test out their products on test animals and to keep DETAILED and INFORMATIVE logs. I will be helping them select their loggers... I have seen great logs in the past and flakey logs... I am going to be a little bit tougher on the loggers selected... If you are not a very active member or a newer logger, unfortunately I will not be able to give my okay to them on selecting you. Some people, unfortunately take advantage of getting free products...

Check out

They are offering 2-3 products to people to log for 8 weeks... You can reply to this thread or send me a PM with interest... Remember, this is all for research purposes and simply to help others learn about effects and benefits of these products

This is a huge opportunity as I have never seen a company or products that are this professionally done with this kind of quality and care. DO NOT miss out on this opportunity!!
I am very familiar about Umbrella and it would be an honor for myself or anyone to do a log for them. They are top level and extremely well respected!
Huge opportunity to get some free amazing products!!! You’re one and only chance or you’ll be paying retail!
Just the experience of how these products come, the packaging, the quality, the labels with the QR codes... its on an entirely different level... proprietary suspension etc... its just unreal... DO NOT miss out on the opportunity!!
I'm looking forward to seeing all the great feedback. Im very interested in trying these myself
I'm looking forward to seeing all the great feedback. Im very interested in trying these myself
Yes, 100 percent we have to get you going on a cycle... ill talk to you about some of the newer sarms as well to see if you want to try any of those
Interested! Have ran multiple sarms cycles from other approved sources this forum and would love to see how they compare to some of the best!
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