🔊 Ultima's Buy 1 Get 1 Free never seen before promo 🔊

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Ultima's BOGO is here and you want to take advantage of it right now.

For vials only. Buy 1 get 1 for free... Yes, a true BOGO until the end of September.

Great lab tests from this brand:[]=112&page=1

Visit link below for entire line of products. But remember, BOGO is for vials only.

For every Ultima vial ordered, you will receive another one of the same product.

Example: If you order 3 vials of test enanthate, you will receive 6 vials of test enanthate. If you order one vial of test prop and one vial of tren ace, you will receive two vials of test prop and two vials of tren ace.

Visit link below and order now. Only valid for vials.

This awesome BOGO sale is valid until the 30th midnight PDT.