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Hello I'm new to the forums and looking for some information on these two companies. I am 40 y.o. male that just completed his first month on TRT from Royal medical 200mg test cypionate and 40 units hcg. Recently after viewing live like a viking website I am considering switching. Can anyone offer any insight into either of these companies? I am also questioning why Royal doesn't offer a A.I. option like Viking? I am not going to have anymore kids hence why the A.I? I don't mind my ball's disappearing but I do question not having a A.I on hand. Trying not to babble but i know people are going to have questions. So here are my first questions/scenarios IF IF I switch to Viking and ditch the Hcg, switch to a A.I. at Vikings prescribed dose 200mg test cyp and 1/2 mg of A.I. do I need to start to lower my weekly dose of Hcg until I switch or just stop completely?
2nd scenario: how long do I need to run TRT dose before I start SARMs or Masterone cycle?
3rd scenario when I start Masterone cycle I want to stay on my TRT dose of 200mg run Mast at 400mg biweekly plus 1/2 mg of Anastrozole EOD for 14 weeks?
3rd part B: after 14 weeks do I stop Masterone completely and continue to run test at 200 plus anastrozole or lower Masterone from say 400 to 100 over last 4 weeks of cycle?
I know people are going to ask body fat questions and I'm 10%. Goals to look dope as hell period.
I’ve watched sam’s YouTube channel since he started trt and hgh, before he had a website. He’s definitely passionate about it, and Sam and Andre are both good guys.
Royal medical is my current TRT clinic and anastrozol is mixed in with testosterone cypionate. For every 200mg of test cyp - there is 1mg of anastrozol.
As I read my thread I realized I made some errors sorry I hate texting long messages on phone. I'm going to try and correct above I said " I'm not having any kids so why the A.I." ... I meant I'm not going to have any kids so why do I need hcg. Above my units were incorrect for hcg though my numbers were correct. Hamo684 I realize that but didn't emphasis that I wanted a A.I on hand for future use. I made the switch to Viking today.
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