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Trt question


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I am currently on dr prescribed trt through a health and wellness center. 200 mg once a week. Inject. Test cyp. I saw my general practitioner today and he seemed concerned with my dosage and levels.

My test level came in at 1009
Estradiol 7.5
PSA .8

He also thought that being on anastrozole was absurd. Dosage is .5 mg one every three days. He kinda freaked me out. Just want to get your all’s opinion



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hes right... that is absurd that you would be on that dose for only 200 mg per week and your bloodwork confirms that.. 200 is obviously not necessary... you dont need to be walking around with every day test levels over 1000... 125 mg would likely be plenty


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Agreed with above no reason to have trt that high. You want to avoid an AI as much as possible so I would look at lowering the trt dose like dylan said, see if you can get your test levels into the 500ish range, and see how you feel. You may be able to drop the arimidex all together too.


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Thanks for the info. What would be an optimum test level for me? I’m 34. I’ve been told most likely I’ll be on trt for the rest of my life. So it makes sense. Walking around with levels over 1000 isn’t necessary.


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The response is so different from person to person. It also depends on what your starting T level was before TRT.

At 100mg per week of test cyp, my bloodwork shows my T level at around 700. I’m about 10 years older than you, but I’d say that more isn’t always better or necessary. I’m very happy at this level.